What is a Roc3?

The Roc3 is a fast, straight Roc that excels at controlled approaches and Mid-Range drives.

What is the difference between ROC and Roc3?

Physically, Roc3 is flatter compared to Roc and comes with more speed. Roc3 also gives you more distance and stability compared to the original Roc. Although these two discs share the same float and glide, the Roc3 comes with a faster speed, in my experience.

Is Roc3 overstable?

Disc Information This overstable midrange disc is a touch faster than the ever popular Roc. This new Roc 3 claims to be perfect for everything, from controlled approaches to midrange drives. It will perform well in the wind and be extremely versatile.

Is Mako3 good?

The Mako3 is an excellent choice for laser straight shots that require control and accuracy. It has lots of glide and is easy to throw, making it a great choice for threading lines down tightly wooded fairways.

What is the best mid range disc golf disc?

Best Disc Golf Midrange Discs

Sales Rank Star Rating
Discraft Buzzz 1 1
Innova Mako3 2 2
Innova Roc3 4 7
Innova Roc 3 5

What is hyzer and Anhyzer?

The hyzer throw is when the top of the disc is facing away from the thrower. The anhyzer throw is when the top of the disc is facing the thrower. Hyzer and anhyzer throws are referring to the angle of the disc upon release from the hand.

Who is the best disc golfer?

The Top 10

Current World Ranking MPO FPO
1 Eagle McMahon Paige Pierce
2 Ricky Wysocki Eveliina Salonen
3 Paul McBeth Catrina Allen
4 Calvin Heimburg Kristin Tattar

How heavy should my disc golf driver be?

The most used weight class, apart from Blizzard discs, in distance throws is 165-169 grams. Players who can throw over 100 meters with drivers also use heavier weight classes, e.g. 170-172 and 173-175, latter being the heaviest weight class in drivers generally. A heavier driver is more reliable in windy conditions.

Do heavier discs fly farther?

In general, lighter discs fly farther than heavier discs, but heavier discs may fly farther in a headwind due to their greater stability. A safe bet for the average player is to throw discs weighing around 160-165 grams for best distance.

Who is the best female disc golfer?

1. Paige Pierce. Paige Pierce is currently the number-one female disc golf player. Pierce, born in Plano, Texas in 1991, may be young, but she’s been playing disc golf since she was four years old.

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