What is a WKM valve?

Trunnion-mounted ball valves Engineered for heavy-duty, reduced-maintenance performance and manufactured in a variety of body and seal materials, WKM 370D Series valves are commonly selected for many specialized applications such as gas distribution, gas transmission, oilfield production, and industrial applications.

Who makes WKM valves?

Cameron, a leading global valve manufacturer to the Oil and Gas industry owns several reputable valve brands, including WKM. The WKM brand was established in Houston, Texas, USA in 1919.

Where are Cameron valves manufactured?

CAMERON Valves is a leading provider of valves and measurement systems to the process industries. Headquartered in Houston, Texas and with manufacturing and service facilities worldwide, CAMERON Valves helps customers continuously raise performance through the supply of technical leadership and proven brands.

Is Cameron owned by Schlumberger?

Cameron has been a Schlumberger company since 2016. Our dedicated and experienced people are committed to providing state-of-the-art wellhead, surface, and flow control products, systems, and services to oil, gas, and process companies around the world.

Who owns Cameron Iron?

Cameron International
Cameron France, S.A.S./Parent organizations
Cameron was acquired by Schlumberger (SLB) in 2016, and now operates as ‘Cameron, a Schlumberger Company. ‘ At the start of the SLB acquisition in 2015, Cameron employed approximately 23,000 people and delivered $9.8 billion in revenue.

Can you lubricate ball valves?

The ball and handle might require lubrication if the valve becomes difficult to turn. It’s easiest to lubricate the ball valve before gluing it to the connecting PVC pipes, but you can still lubricate it even after installation.

Can you lubricate PVC ball valve?

Loosen Your PVC Ball Valves with These Easy Steps Step 1: First, you will need to turn off the water supply to your home at the main shutoff valve. Spray the lubricant onto the valve where the valve handle enters the actual valve body and let it sit for about 20 minutes. Then, try loosening the valve by hand again.

What does Cameron Schlumberger do?

Is Schlumberger selling Cameron?

Schlumberger acquired Houston-based Cameron International Corp. in 2016 for $14.8 billion. Cameron is cutting staff in response to a diminishing market for its services as increased supply from OPEC and other producing countries piles on top of decreased demand due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Does wd40 damage PVC pipe?

In general, WD-40 is a petroleum based lubricant and will not affect most general use plastics such as PVC, PP, HDPE or ABS. Never use WD-40 on any kind of plastics.

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