What is BANDIKUI famous for?

Bandikui is well known for its Roasted Peanuts. Its Subdivision Tahsil is Baswa close Bandikui. Its importance is Bandi-Bondwomen, Kui-Water well and is a nagar palika, a gram panchayat of Bhandeda gram, panchayat samiti in Dausa region in the territory of Rajasthan, India.

Where is Chand Baori situated?

Chand Baori is a stepwell situated in the village of Abhaneri in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Abhaneri was originally named ‘Abha Nagri’ which means ‘City of Brightness’. The city has now been transformed into ruins, but it still attracts hundreds of tourists from across the globe.

When was Chand Baori built?

9th century AD
Chand Baori (a stepwell) located in the Abhaneri village, around 90 km from Jaipur, is one of the oldest and most photographed ancient monuments in Rajasthan. Built by King Chanda of the Nikumbha dynasty in 9th century AD, it is one of the largest stepwells in the world.

What is the meaning of bandikui?

Bandikui (Bandi=Bondwomen, Kui=Water well) is a railway city and a municipal council in Dausa district in the Indian state of Rajasthan. It is a gram panchayat of Bhandeda gram and a panchayat samiti.

Which is the deepest stepwell in the world?

Chand baori
Abhaneri, a small village located near Jaipur in Rajasthan, is famous for its exquisite 1,200 year old step-well known as the Chand baori. This baori or step-well, which is considered as the deepest step well in the world, is located opposite to a partially ruined temple known as the Harshat Mata mandir.

How old is baori?

Chand Baori is the oldest surviving step well in Rajasthan and probably India. It was built by the King named Chanda or Chandra of the Nikhumbha dynasty. The time of the stepwell is 8-9th CE making it 1200-1300 years old.

What does stepwell mean?

Stepwell, Gujarati vav, Hindi baoli or baori, subterranean edifice and water source, an architectural form that was long popular throughout India but particularly in arid regions of the Indian subcontinent.

Which is the largest and deepest stepwell?

Chand Baori is the oldest stepwell in Rajhastan, India and the deepest and biggest in the entire world. Stepwells are built with steps on the side which allows people to easily reach the water below. Chand Baori is shaped like a square, measuring 13 stories, and is approximately 100 feet deep.

What is the purpose of Stepwell?

For centuries, stepwells—which incorporated a cylinder well that extended down to the water table—provided water for drinking, washing, bathing, and the irrigation of crops. They also served as cool sanctuaries for caravans, pilgrims, and other travelers during the heat of day or overnight.

What is difference between well and Stepwell?

Stepwells are wells or ponds in which the water is reached by descending a set of steps to the water level. A basic difference between stepwells on the one hand, and tanks and wells on the other, is that stepwells make it easier for people to reach the groundwater and to maintain and manage the well.

Which is the deepest Stepwell in the world?

What called Baolis?

A baoli is a reservoir in which water can be stored. It is also a source of ground water. Numerous tanks and baolis were commissioned by the ruling clans in which water was collected mainly during the rainy season and was then used throughout the year by the people in the neighbourhood.

Which is the best place to visit in Abhaneri?

Abhaneri, located at a distance of 95 km from Jaipur on Jaipur -Agra Road, is a village in the Dausa district of Rajasthan. The place is widely popular as it is home to a colossal stepwell, Chand Baori, which is considered among the most beautiful stepwells of India.

How did Abhaneri village in Rajasthan get its name?

The present name of the village, ‘Abhaneri’, is believed to be a mispronunciation of ‘Abha Nagri’ or the ‘city of brightness’. This ancient village in Rajasthan is renowned for its post-Gupta or early medieval monuments, Chand Baori and Harshat Mata temple.

How big is the Chand Baori in Abhaneri?

The Chand Baori is a step well which is regarded as a unique invention of the people of Abhaneri; it was created for rainwater harvesting. Located in the front of the Harshat Mata temple, this colossal step well has a depth of 20 meters, with 13 levels.

Which is the road from Jaipur to Abhaneri?

Abhaneri is located on NH-11 or the Jaipur-Agra road. The village is well connected by air, train and road to various parts of the country through the cities of Jaipur and Dausa which are 90 and 30.9 km from Abhaneri, respectively.

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