What is cnidium monnieri used for?

People take cnidium by mouth for increasing sexual performance and sex drive, and for treating erectile dysfunction (ED). Cnidium is also used for difficulty having children (infertility), bodybuilding, cancer, weak bones (osteoporosis), and fungal and bacterial infections. Some people also take it to increase energy.

What is Cnidium rhizoma?

Cnidium officinale Makino is a perennial herb native to China and is extensively cultivated in Korea, China and Japan. The rhizomes of C. officinale (Cinidii Rhizoma), which belongs to the Umbelliferae family, have been used as traditional oriental medicine in Korea.

What is cnidii?

Fructus cnidii, the dried fruit of Cnidium monnieri (L.) Cusson, is an herbal medicine called “shechuangzi” in China that was reported to have antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, and antipruritus properties [24, 25].

What is cnidium Monnieri cuss?

Cnidium monnieri (L.) Cuss. is one of the most widely used traditional herbal medicines and its fruits have been used to treat a variety of diseases in China, Vietnam, and Japan. As of this writing, 350 compounds have been isolated and identified from C. monnieri, including the main active constituent, coumarins.

What is a 10 1 extract?

A 10:1 extract ratio has 10 times the unique active compound as the original herb in DRIED form. It is the standardised value often used in marketing, to show the amount of original herb used. Because different products contain different strength extracts this is the best-calculated figure for comparison.

Does butea Superba actually work?

Butea superba is a vine that grows in India, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. The roots (tubers) are used as medicine. People take Butea superba for erectile dysfunction (ED), increasing sexual desire, and other conditions, but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses.

What are the health benefits of Angelica?

Angelica is used for heartburn, intestinal gas (flatulence), loss of appetite (anorexia), arthritis, circulation problems, “runny nose” (respiratory catarrh), nervousness, plague, and trouble sleeping (insomnia). Some women use angelica to start their menstrual periods.

What is cnidium officinale root?

Cnidium officinale Makino (COM) has been used traditionally to treat female menstrual disorders, such as amenorrhea, hypomenorrhea and oligomenorrhea, by improving blood circulation.

Which is better extract or powder?

Some supplements are made up of Pure extracts while others are made up of powder. The answer to this question is simple, it is better to use an extract based supplement because it consists of a large quantity of the key compound required to give a better result in comparison to the powdered supplements.

What does a 50 1 extract mean?

The result of a 50:1 extract ratio is that some constituents are left behind in the process of semi-purification or aren’t extracted in the first place. If five kilos of dried herb produce one kilo of dried extract, then the herb-to-extract ratio is 5:1. That results in an herb-to-native-extract ratio of about 100:1.

How much is butea Superba per day?

There is no standard recommended dosage for Butea superba supplements in the United States, but FDA Thailand (an agency of the country’s Ministry of Public Health) has set the upper safe limit at 100 milligrams (mg) daily, or 0.2 mg per 100 grams (g) bodyweight.

What is butea Superba good for?

Butea superba is a vine that grows in India, China, Vietnam, and Thailand. The roots are used as medicine. People take Butea superba for sexual performance problems (erectile dysfunction, ED) and lack of interest in sexual activity. They also take it for diarrhea, painful or difficult urination, and fever.

How are Cnidium seeds used in Chinese medicine?

In Chinese herbal medicine the cnidium seeds have been commonly used in herbal mixtures that are formulated to “warm” the kidneys and strengthen yang energy. The herb has a strong reputation as an aphrodisiac and it is frequently prescribed by Chinese medicine practitioners for male impotence.

Is the Cnidium plant native to the US?

Cnidium is a plant that is native to China. It has also been found in the US in Oregon. The fruit, seed, and other plant parts are used as medicine. Cnidium has been used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for thousands of years, often for skin conditions.

What are the uses of Cnidium monnieri herb?

Cnidium Herb Uses and Therapeutic Benefits 1 Cnidium Uses in Chinese herbal medicine. In China, the plant is first mentioned in “The Divine… 2 An Aphrodisiac. Cnidium is used as an herbal remedy for erectile dysfunction (impotence)… 3 External Uses of Cnidium. The cnidium seeds have antiseptic and disinfectant properties…

Where can I get Cnidium for skin treatment?

For skin treatments, where cnidium is found in creams or ointments, the dose is irrelevant. Nutragreen Biotechnology Co., Ltd, a brand of Shanghai Lvshang Biotech Co., Ltd, is a GMP compliant and FDA registered manufacturer and supplier of raw materials of plant extracts, botanicals, herbs, especially Tradtional Chinese herbs.

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