What is included in a hot work permit?

This work includes, but is not limited to, welding, brazing, cutting, grinding, soldering, thawing pipe, torch-applied roofing, or chemical welding.

What are hot work requirements?

Definition. “Hot work” means riveting, welding, flame cutting or other fire or spark-producing operation. When hot work must be performed in a location that is not free of hazards, all necessary precautions shall be taken to confine heat, sparks, and slag so that they cannot contact flammable or combustible material.

Is there an OSHA standard for hot work?

OSHA defines hot work to include riveting, welding, flame cutting, or similar fire- or spark- producing operations. Requirements for hot work are in 29 CFR 1917.152.

What is a hot work permit for OSHA?

The purpose for the Hot Work Permit is to protect OFD and Agency employees, contractors, vendors and visitors against fire resulting from welding, spark generating, open flame and other hot work activities. The purpose of this training is to outline the requirements of the Hot Work Permit Program.

Who is responsible for hot work permit?

Jobs like electric arc welding, brazing, gas soldering, and oxygen-acetylene cutting and welding require hot work permits be issued by the Fire Marshal, Safety Engineer, or Maintenance Manager before work begins. Permits are issued for a specific job, for a specific time frame, to a specific person.

How long is a hot work permit valid for?

30 days
How Long is a Hot Work Permit Valid? The duration of a hot work permit is limited to 30 days. These are guidelines. If there are conditions unique to the project or activities a contractor will be performing, exceptions can be made.

What is the maximum allowable LEL for hot work?

0.0% LEL
Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) – The lower limit of flammability of a gas or vapor at ordinary ambient temperatures expressed in a percent of the gas or vapor in air by volume. For the purposes of this procedure, the %LEL limit for hot work permit authorization is 0.0% LEL.

Who can issue hot work permits?

How do hot work permits work?

A hot work permit is required for any work involving open-flame, producing hot surfaces, or generating sparks or molten material, of sufficient energy to ignite combustible, ignitable, or flammable materials. Permit form is on the second and third page of this document. It can be filled and signed digitally.

What is the allowable LEL?

Atmospheres with a concentration of flammable vapors at or above 10 percent of the lower explosive limit (LEL) are considered hazardous when located in confined spaces. However, atmospheres with flammable vapors below 10 percent of the LEL are not necessarily safe. Such atmospheres are too lean to burn.

How do you calculate LEL?

To compute the LEL of any gas in air, divide the unknown concentration by the LEL listed in the NFPA Handbook. 100% LEL’s for 9 of Gasco’s more common gasses are shown in the table to the left. For example, if you take 2.5% Methane in air and divide it by 100% LEL of methane (5%), the result is 50% LEL.

How is LEL calculated?

To compute the LEL of any gas in air, divide the unknown concentration by the LEL listed in the NFPA Handbook. For example, if you take 2.5% Methane in air and divide it by 100% LEL of methane (5%), the result is 50% LEL. (2.5% ÷ 5% = 50%) The same theory can be applied to any of the gasses listed here.

What can you do with a hot work permit?

This Hot Work Permit is requ ired for any operation involving open flames or p roducing heat an d/or sparks. This includes, but is no t limited to, Brazing, Cutting, Grinding, Soldering, Thawing Pip e, Torch -Applied Roofing, and Wel ding. Note: The Requ ired Precautions are not optio nal. They are required for fi re – safe hot work.

Are there any free work permit templates to print?

Download these 13 Free Sample Work Permit Certificate Templates to help you print your own Certificate easily. You can alos check out our collection of Attendance Certificate Templates. Work permit certificates carry information about persons travelling to other countries and want to work overseas.

What kind of work requires a work permit?

Hot work includes forging, extrusion, hot rolling, and other processes which involves deforming metals by the use of fire. This hazardous task requires permit before any type of hot work commences.

How do you format a work permit certificate?

You can format/draft a certificate in your personal computer starting with a blank spreadsheet using Microsoft Word or Excel, whichever suites your comfort. On the either two top sides of the sheet you can write the ‘Certificate Number’, and ‘Date’, with appropriate spacing in front to fill in.

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