What is Maria Contreras-Sweet known for?

Maria Contreras-Sweet is an American business leader, US government official, civic leader and community organizer. She served as an Obama cabinet member, California state cabinet secretary and investor/entrepreneur.

Where was Maria Contreras-Sweet born?

Guadalajara, Mexico
Maria Contreras-Sweet/Place of birth
Born in Guadalajara, Mexico, Ms. Contreras-Sweet came to the U.S. at age five. She learned the value of hard work from her single mother, who worked at a poultry processing plant east of Los Angeles to help her family make ends meet. After attending community college, Ms.

How old is Maria Contreras Sweet?

About 66 years (1955)
Maria Contreras-Sweet/Age

When was Maria Contreras Sweet born?

1955 (age 66 years)
Maria Contreras-Sweet/Date of birth

What did Maria Contreras Sweet do for a living?

Contreras-Sweet was a part of the management leveraged buy-out of the Bottling Company, becoming an equity partner. Maria Contreras-Sweet started the Contreras-Sweet Company, a marketing and research consulting firm with a specialization in the Latino market.

Who is Maria Contreras Sweet LA Chamber of Commerce?

Contreras-Sweet is an executive member of the Board of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce. In November 2017, Contreras-Sweet joined the LA-based Larta Institute as the first-ever to help champion and advance the commercialization of science.

What did Contreras-Sweet do after leaving office?

After leaving public office, Contreras-Sweet joined with Edward P. Roski to form Fortius Holdings, LLC, a private venture capital firm that sought to invest in small business with an emphasis in Latino-owned and women-owned businesses.

Who is Maria Contreras Sweet of ProAmerica bank?

Jump to navigation Jump to search. Maria Contreras-Sweet (born 1955) served as the 24th Administrator of the Small Business Administration from 2014 to 2017. She was formerly the executive chairwoman and founder of ProAmérica Bank, a commercial bank focusing on small to mid-sized businesses with a specialty in the Latino community.

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