What is modern history HSC?

The Modern History HSC Course is comprised of four sections which are designed to “provide students with opportunities to apply their understanding of sources and relevant historiographical issues in the investigation of the modern world.” All four of these sections will be examined in the HSC exam.

What topics are covered in modern history?

Modern history covers an impressive number of significant events….☢️ 20th Century

  • World War I origins (how and why the war started)
  • World War II positive and negative repercussions.
  • Cold War major aspects and events.
  • Feminist Movement in Canada.
  • What is the heritage of the Soviet Union?

Is modern history hard HSC?

HSC Modern History, just like any other Humanities subject, is a very content-heavy subject. History subjects are associated with memorising dates, but in Modern History, it’s more than dates; essay structures, source analysis, key terms- these are some of the things you’ll need to focus on skill-wise.

What do you study in modern history?

Modern history examines the social, political and economic facts in the modern contemporary world. Modern history courses analyse events such as revolutions, ideology, nation states, modern war, globalisation, political regimes, capitalism, totalitarianism, democracy, and communism.

How long is modern history HSC?

3 hours
Modern History HSC Examination Specifications The examination will consist of a written paper worth 100 marks. The time allowed is 3 hours plus 5 minutes reading time.

Should I choose modern history?

Modern History is a more well-rounded subject because it’s more flexible in how you learn. Students who enjoy and excel at Modern History have a well-rounded understanding of the past, can understand sources but can also understand the bias of historians and nations.

What are interesting topics in history?

  • Civil War.
  • Cold War.
  • Great Depression.
  • Holocaust.
  • Inventions & Science.
  • Mexican-American War.
  • Natural Disasters & Environment.
  • Red Scare.

What is the most popular history topic?

Popular Topics

  • The Crusades.
  • Thirty Years War.
  • Franco-Spanish War.
  • American Revolution – Revolutionary War.
  • War of 1812.
  • American Civil War.
  • Mexican-American War.
  • Spanish-American War.

Why do we study modern history?

Studying history is important because it allows us to understand our past, which in turn allows us to understand our present. Studying history can provide us with insight into our cultures of origin as well as cultures with which we might be less familiar, thereby increasing cross-cultural awareness and understanding.

Why is modern history important?

History is a multifaceted discipline that will increase your cultural awareness and moral understanding of the world we live in. By studying history you’ll gain a range of transferable skills, from informed citizenship and critical thinking, to research and general awareness.

How do I study for HSC modern history?

Print your your HSC Modern History syllabus. Go through and so a self-rating, giving yourself a score of 0-5 for each dot point. Go through your study notes and ensure they correspond with the syllabus. Ask yourself whether you’ve got 3 facts and at least 1 piece of historical evidence for each syllabus dot point.

What are Atar notes?

ATAR Notes aims to increase the accessibility of high-quality educational materials to students both in terms of affordability and ease of access for rural and regional students across Australia.

What are the Year 12 modern history notes?

Our HSC Year 12 Modern History Notes contain extensive coverage of the core topic (Power and Authority in the Modern World), and the most popular National Study (Russia and the Soviet Union). For each part of the syllabus, you will find plenty of quotes, timelines, sources, and a concise summary of key concepts.

Are there Atar notes for HSC Year 12?

HSC Year 12 Modern History Notes – ATAR Notes – Free shipping on orders over $70! We are currently in the process of updating the front cover of this book. If you receive a book which has the dates 2019-2020 on the front, please be assured that this is the most up-to-date version and is 100% relevant for the 2021 syllabus.

Why is modern history transformed for Stage 6?

Making the connection between history and its relevance to the lives of today’s students, Modern History Transformed is written specifically for the new Stage 6 Modern History syllabus to help students develop the key historical thinking and writing skills required for success in their Year 11 and Year 12 studies and beyond.

Which is the most trusted Modern History series?

New South Wales’ most trusted Modern History series has been updated for the 2018 Modern History Stage 6 syllabus. Key Features of Modern History 2 5E Year 12 offers complete support for teachers and their students in 2018 and beyond, providing unparalleled depth and coverage in an easy-to-read, easy-to-understand and easy-to-master format.

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