What is SB37 abend?

Abend SB37 indicates the data set has overflowed the space allocated. The “OUTPUT FILE FULL” message results when the DCB attributes (LRECL and BLKSIZE) are too small to process the data.

What is B37 04 abend?

B37-04 is a space issue, specifically with the temporary file space used by the EXIT processing in the DMH610Z routine. DMH610Z is used to create a list of libraries and members which are to be analyzed and loaded in the database.

How do you check abend in mainframe?

In JESMSGLG you can find the return code of each step as well as abend code. In JESYSMSG you can see the dataset’s alloted at that particular step. If u have any ABENDAID’s in ur jcl u can see detial information about ur abend there. //SYSDUMP DD SYSOUT=* in your job, It will provides the Dump for abend step.

How do you solve abend S322 in Cobol?

Re: How to resolve S322 abend occurs due to migrated dataset Otherwise, check for program errors. If none exist, specify a longer time in the TIME parameter. Then run the job again.

How do I resolve sb37 abend in mainframe?

Steps to Fix Space Abend in PDS:

  1. Split (PF 2) the screen and select the UTILITIES option (option 3).
  2. Select the LIBRARIES option (option 1) on the Utility Selection Menu.
  3. Specify the name of the data set and enter C on the OPTION line.
  4. When the data set is compressed, you see the message: COMPRESS SUCCESSFUL.

What is S222 abend in JCL?

S222 means job was cancelled by a user or operator without a dump. If a TSO session times out you will probably get an S522 abend code.

How do I fix my sb37 abend?

How do you resolve in soc4?

How to Resolve S0C4? You can check if there are any un initialized indexes or subscripts in the program. You can check if the program is reading any file which is not opened. You can check if the LRECL matches with the length of file specified in file descriptor in COBOL.

What is S422 Abend in JCL?

S422. The abend is a general use abend code. S522. All of the tasks in a job step were in SVC wait state. S622.

How do you Abend a JCL?

Re: how to abend step of a job intentionally????

  1. replace the COBOL program for testing with a utility that sets the return code to 8 or higher.
  2. change the COBOL program for testing to include MOVE 8 TO RETURN-CODE just before the program exits.
  3. put the change into production without testing.

How do you handle Soc7 abend in mainframe?

Try to check what data you are passing as input, there must be some corrupt data which is causing soc7. Fix data issue. Soc7 abend will display the offset value(memory address) of your code where instruction is failing, figure out the statement where your code is failing using the offset value.

How do you handle space issues in mainframe?

How to deal with error SB37 IBM mainframes?

These are 04/08/0C. So have a closer look at your abend and the meaning of the Rc. Also, when defining a huge primary space, keep in mind, that this space is needed in one piece. And if the file gets a multiple-volume-file, the next volume also needs this prim-space at one piece on the disk.

What are sd37, SB37, SE37 Abends?

All indicate dataset out of space. SD37 – no secondary allocation was specified. SB37 – end of vol. and no further volumes specified. SE37 – Max. of 16 extents already allocated. Please login or signup to post answers!

What does the error message read for SB37?

SB37 is space abend, end of volume cond. Increase the work space of the dataset and restart it from the aborted step. I think SD37 should be similar to sb37. can you let me know what does the error message reads for sd37?

What are the return codes of the SB37?

HI Shanthi Jayaraman ! First of all, the SB37 has 3 Return-Codes, like SB37-Rc. These are 04/08/0C. So have a closer look at your abend and the meaning of the Rc. Also, when defining a huge primary space, keep in mind, that this space is needed in one piece.

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