What is the best hero in Castle Clash?

What is the best hero in Castle Clash?

The best Heroes in Castle Clash

  • Cold Heir. Image via en.casclash.com. Cold Heir is best utilized in dungeons and PvP combat.
  • Lavanica. Image via en.casclash.com. This is a hero that rolls out a ton of damage, and one that you’re going to want to keep alive because of it.
  • Walla Walla. Image via en.casclash.com.

Who is the best healer in Castle Clash?

Walla is still the best all around healer. You want to stack as much defense on him as possible. So a combination of SL/SS/FG does well for Talent/Insignia combos (except for base defense/HBM, which should have an Empower Insignia). Holy Conviction is his best Enchantment, and Dodge/HP/CrtRst Traits help.

How do you change your base on Castle Clash?

Edit Mode

  1. There are four tabs options on the screen where you can remove the building one by one or remove all at one time.
  2. Simply tap a building and drag it to your desired location.
  3. After the last update at version 1.2.

How many people still play castle clash?

100 million people
Worldwide Popularity โ€“ Played by over 100 million people, Castle Clash is an immensely popular game which is available in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai and Indonesian, with many more languages to come.

How do you hire a hero in Castle Clash?

Hire more powerful Heroes at the Hero Altar! Switch to Item Mode in the “Heroes Altar” to store hired cards and essences in your Warehouse’s Item Trunk. You can hire Heroes by spending Shards, Soulstones, Gems, or Honor Badges.

How do I make my heroes more powerful in Castle Clash?

In order to evolve your hero, you need/it must be:

  1. Level 10 in star level.
  2. Level 180+ in regular level (preferably to the max for more strength)
  3. 1000 red crystals.
  4. 1 evolution rune.
  5. Another duplicate hero/20,000 shards.

What’s the highest town hall in clash of clans?

Town Hall Level

TH Level Hitpoints Maximum Number of Buildings Available*
11 6,800 93
12 7,500 96
13 8,200 99
14 8,900

How many players play clash of clans in the world?

Clash of Clans users

Year Users
2014 29 million
2015 37 million
2016 55 million

Is Castle Clash online?

Castle Clash: Download and play Castle Clash online on your mobile device with GamesMAX package from Telkomsel. Find the best packages to play Castle Clash.

Which is the best base design for Castle Clash?

Placing hero is the key to win. You should put ranged Hero on corners and same for Mass killing hero’s like Imortep. Placing a hero bombs between hero base will help with tought monster or dino boss. For wave I and J you should fill your camps with guardians, to prevent Spirit Mage and Tunder God proc in your heroes or builings.

Do you get raided a lot in Castle Clash?

Getting raided a lot sucks, and you lose up to 25% of your gold and mana each time (but you donโ€™t lose 100%, even if they wipe your base 100%). It is a fact of life, though, and if you have a weak base design, you get raided a lot in Castle Clash.

Which is the nearest tower in Castle Clash?

Choose the nearest target, travel until it is in range, attack until it is destroyed. For destructive troops, the nearest target is the nearest tower if there is one. Attackers targeting a regular building, not a tower, will pause to counter attack then return to the same building.

Which is the best tower defense game in the world?

Aegis Defenders is a tower defense game where you control a team of heroes called Ruinhunters as they search for the legendary Aegis weapon. Set in the wondrous world of Elam, the game sees you exploring ruins and combating hordes of ferocious beasts and monsters by building various blocks, turrets, and traps. 10. Sleep Tight

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