What is the median of two sorted arrays?

There are two cases: Case 1: m+n is odd, the median is at (m+n)/2 th index in the array obtained after merging both the arrays. Case 2: m+n is even, the median will be average of elements at index ((m+n)/2 – 1) and (m+n)/2 in the array obtained after merging both the arrays.

How do you find the median of two sorted arrays in Python?

Median of Two Sorted Arrays — Day 36(Python)

  1. Example 1: Input: nums1 = [1,3], nums2 = [2] Output: 2.00000.
  2. Example 2: Input: nums1 = [1,2], nums2 = [3,4] Output: 2.50000.
  3. Example 3: Input: nums1 = [0,0], nums2 = [0,0] Output: 0.00000.
  4. Example 4: Input: nums1 = [], nums2 = [1]
  5. Example 5: Input: nums1 = [2], nums2 = []

What is median array?

If an array is sorted, median is the middle element of an array in case of odd number of elements in an array and when number of elements in an array is even than it will be an average of two middle elements. If the array is not sorted first task is to sort the array and then only the given logic can be applied.

How do I combine two arrays?


  1. Start.
  2. Declare two arrays.
  3. Initialize these two arrays.
  4. Declare another array that will store the merged arrays.
  5. The size of the merged array should be equal to the sum of the other two arrays.
  6. Call a function that will merge these arrays.
  7. For loop will help to iterate every element present in the first array.

How do I calculate the median?


  1. Arrange your numbers in numerical order.
  2. Count how many numbers you have.
  3. If you have an odd number, divide by 2 and round up to get the position of the median number.
  4. If you have an even number, divide by 2.

What is the time complexity of finding the median of a sorted list?

Time Complexity to find median = O(n Log n) as we need to sort the array first.

Is array sorted?

Naive solution The idea is to loop over the array and compare each element to its successor. Now for any pair of consecutive elements, the array is considered unsorted if the first element is found to be more in value than the second element. The array is considered sorted if we have reached the end of the array.

What is median of numbers?

Median is the middle number in a sorted list of numbers. If there is an odd amount of numbers, the median value is the number that is in the middle, with the same amount of numbers below and above.

How do I combine two arrays in Matlab?

Create two matrices and concatenate them horizontally, first by using square bracket notation, and then by using horzcat .

  1. A = [1 2; 3 4] A = 2×2 1 2 3 4.
  2. B = [4 5 6; 7 8 9] B = 2×3 4 5 6 7 8 9.
  3. C = [A,B] C = 2×5 1 2 4 5 6 3 4 7 8 9.
  4. D = horzcat(A,B) D = 2×5 1 2 4 5 6 3 4 7 8 9.

How do you add different size arrays?

You can define a destination array with a length of the max of both source arrays. After that you just do array bounds-checking. Of course, you should also add checks for null before you even begin to loop over c .

What is the easiest way to find the median?

To find the median, put all numbers into ascending order and work into the middle by crossing off numbers at each end. If there are a lot of items of data, add 1 to the number of items of data and then divide by 2 to find which item of data will be the median.

How to find median of two sorted arrays?

The complexity should be O (log (n)). Recommended: Please solve it on “ PRACTICE ” first, before moving on to the solution. Note: Since the size of the set for which we are looking for the median is even (2n), we need to take the average of the middle two numbers and return the floor of the average. Use the merge procedure of merge sort.

When to print the median of an array?

So when the elements in the output array are half the original size of the given array print the element as a median element. There are two cases: Case 1: m+n is odd, the median is at (m+n)/2 th index in the array obtained after merging both the arrays.

When to return the median of two elements?

Return the median of two elements. If the size of the larger array is odd. Then after adding the element from 2nd array, it will be even so the median will be an average of two mid elements. So the element from the smaller array will affect the median if and only if it lies between (m/2 – 1)th and (m/2 + 1)th element of the larger array.

Where is the median of the merged list?

The median of the merged list is somewhere in what remains. We know that m1 is larger than or equal to the first half of ar1. And the same for m2 and ar2. At the same time we also know that m1 is smaller than or equal to the second half of ar1.

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