What is the most sold GTA game?

The top five best-selling GTA games of all time

  • #5 – GTA 3 (14.5 million+ copies since March 2008)
  • #4 – Vice City (17.5 million+ copies since March 2008)
  • #3 – GTA 4 (25 million+ copies since November 2012)
  • #2 – San Andreas (27.5 million+ copies since 2011)
  • #1 – GTA 5 (140 million+ copies since March 2021)

Which Grand Theft Auto is the best?

The 12 Best Grand Theft Auto Games, Ranked By Metacritic

  1. 1 Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) – 98.
  2. 2 Grand Theft Auto V (2013) – 97.
  3. 3 Grand Theft Auto III (2001) – 97.
  4. 4 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004) – 95.
  5. 5 Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002) – 95.
  6. 6 Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (2009) – 90.

What is Rockstar’s best-selling game?

GTA V. Credit: Rockstar Games, a subsidiary of Take-Two Interactive. Rockstar Games have confirmed that 2020 was GTA V’s best year since launching in 2013, selling a total of 140 million copies over the course of eight years.

What is the best-selling game of all time?

The 10 Bestselling Video Games Of All Time

  1. 1 Tetris: 500+ million copies.
  2. 2 Minecraft: 238+ million copies.
  3. 3 Grand Theft Auto V: 150+ million copies.
  4. 4 Wii Sports: 82.90 million copies.
  5. 5 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds: 70+ million copies.
  6. 6 Pokémon (First Generation): 45-47 million copies.

What is the #1 game in the world?

Most Popular PC Games | Global

Game title Publisher
1. Minecraft Mojang
2. League of Legends Riot Games
3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Valve Corporation
4. Grand Theft Auto V Rockstar Games

How much money has GTA 5 made 2020?

In 2020, ‘GTA V’ generated about $ 1 billion in revenue.

What is the hardest GTA game?

The most difficult GTA games in the series

  • GTA 3. Once Rockstar made the gigantic leap into the 3D era of GTA, there was no turning back.
  • GTA San Andreas. Thanks to vast improvements in gameplay design, San Andreas makes it easier for players to aim their weapons.
  • GTA 4.
  • GTA 5, Online, and beyond.

Should an 11 year old play GTA 5?

The other questionable part of this situation is that GTA V has a PEGI rating of 18+, so it’s not the most suitable game for an eleven-year-old, but studies have shown that most parents don’t pay attention to titles’ age ratings—as anyone who’s played the multiplayer element of CoD or GTA V can attest.

What is the longest Rockstar game?

1 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (31 1/2 Hours) The longest game in the series is the popular San Andreas.

Is RDR2 better than GTA 5?

For example, even though GTA 5 has some humorous and fun side missions, RDR2 has great writing and storytelling, which allows the side missions to have more meaning and impact on the player. Overall, Red Dead Redemption 2’s immersion is much better than it is in GTA 5.

What game sold the most copies 2020?

Best-selling video games of 2020 – USA

  • Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.
  • Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare.
  • Animal Crossinig: New Horizons*
  • Madden NFL 21.
  • The Last Of Us Part 2.
  • Ghost Of Tsushima.
  • Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.
  • Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Which is the No 1 noob game in the world?

Garena Free Fire. PUBG Mobile’s ban has hurt many.

Which is the best GTA game of all time?

The 15 Best GTA Games of All Time Ranked. 1 1. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. 2 2. Grand Theft Auto: V. 3 3. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. 4 4. Grand Theft Auto: IV. 5 5. Grand Theft Auto: III.

Is the Grand Theft Auto series a good game?

The Grand Theft Auto game series is known and loved by millions of fans around the world, there’s no doubt about that. However, not all GTA games have been a success, with some of the earliest versions receiving negative criticism.

What was the sales value of Grand Theft Auto?

This equates to a worldwide sales value of $500 million after one week and $310 million on release day, which was a new all-time sales record for any form of entertainment, including movie industry.

Where does the name Grand Theft Auto come from?

Grand Theft Auto is an action-adventure video game that was created by David Jones and Mike Dailly and published by Rockstar Games. The game’s name comes from the term, Grand-Theft-Auto, which, in the U.S, means motor-vehicle-theft.

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