What is the movie frantic about?

While attending a medical conference in Paris, Dr. Richard Walker (Harrison Ford) is horrified when his wife, Sondra (Betty Buckley), is abducted from their hotel room while he is taking a shower. Using his limited knowledge of French language and culture, Walker must navigate the bureaucracy of French law enforcement and ultimately, with the help of street waif Michelle (Emmanuelle Seigner), infiltrate Paris’ criminal underworld in order to discover what really happened to his wife.
Frantic/Film synopsis

Does Harrison Ford find his wife in frantic?

The movie stars Harrison Ford as the visiting American doctor, who is unable to convince the hotel, police and American Embassy officials that his wife (Betty Buckley) is truly missing.

Is frantic on Netflix?

Watch Frantic on Netflix Today!

How long is the movie frantic?

2 hours
Frantic/Running time

How old is Harrison Ford?

79 years (July 13, 1942)
Harrison Ford/Age

Where was frantic filmed?

Filming took place on location in Paris with exteriors filmed outside Le Grand Hotel in rue Scribe in the 9th arrondissement. The hotel’s lobby also appeared in the film. Filming also took place at the Île aux Cygnes island in the Seine for the Lady Liberty scenes.

What is Harrison Ford worth?

As of 2020, the U.S. domestic box office grosses of his films total over $5.4 billion, with worldwide grosses surpassing $9.3 billion, placing him at No. 7 on the list of highest-grossing domestic box office stars of all time….

Harrison Ford
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Is unknown a remake of frantic?

“Unknown” is a skillfully photographed and acted film, and few actors are better than Liam Neeson at playing a man who has had the rug pulled out from under him. I was reminded of Roman Polanski’s “Frantic” (1988), in which Harrison Ford played a doctor attending a convention in Paris with his wife.

Who are the actors in the movie Frantic?

The story deals with the assistance to a conference in Paris of doctor “Richard Walken” (Harrison Ford) and his wife (Betty Buckley), and reliving their honeymoon. In the hotel room when Richard goes out the bathroom after a shower , he discovers his spouse has disappeared on the first day of their journey .

Where does the movie Frantic take place in?

In a hotel room in Paris, a doctor comes out of the shower and finds that his wife has disappeared. He soon finds himself caught up in a world of intrigue, espionage, gangsters, drugs and murder. ” The Mandalorian ,” ” Gravity Falls ,” and Free Solo top our list of the best Prime Video recs to watch now or add to your Watchlist.

Who is Harrison Ford in the movie Frantic?

Prime members enjoy FREE Delivery and exclusive access to music, movies, TV shows, original audio series, and Kindle books. A very good Harrison Ford thriller set in France. so kommt mir meistens Dr. Richard Walker (Harrison Ford) in Polanski’s Film FRANTIC (1988) vor, ein Amerikaner, der irgendwie verloren wirkt.

Is the movie Frantic by Roman Polanski good?

Frantic is a very good movie, that deserves the time to appreciate its finer qualities. It is an excellent movie and easily one of Polanski’s most autobiographical. Harrison Ford is absolutely perfect in it. One of Polanski’s most underrated films is “The Ninth Gate” – some dismiss it as silly – but that’s the point.

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