What is the other name of the referendum?

What is the other name of the referendum?

In some countries, it is synonymous with or commonly known by other names including a plebiscite, votation, ballot question, ballot measure, or proposition . Some definitions of ‘plebiscite’ suggest it is a type of vote to change the constitution or government of a country.

What is meant by initiative and referendum?

In the politics of the United States, the process of initiatives and referendums allow citizens of many U.S. states to place new legislation, or to place legislation that has recently been passed by a legislature on a ballot for a popular vote.

What district is Brevard?

Florida’s 8th Congressional District encompasses all of Brevard and Indian River Counties, and a portion of east Orange County (Bithlo, Christmas and Wedgefield).

What is the meaning of referendum Class 9?

A referendum is an election device in which a law can be either accepted or repealed based on the popular vote of people. In this process, voters can reject or accept a law or statute passed by a legislature by taking a popular vote on the issue.

What is referendum recall initiative?

In 1911, California voters approved the constitutional processes of initiative, referendum, and recall. Through these processes, voters can adopt a change in law (an initiative), disapprove a law passed by the Legislature (a referendum), or remove an elected official from office (a recall).

How many districts does Florida have?

Florida is divided into 27 congressional districts, each represented by a member of the United States House of Representatives. After the 2010 Census, the number of Florida’s seats was increased from 25 to 27 due to the state’s increase in population, and subsequent reapportionment in 2012.

How many districts are in Brevard County?

The Board of County Commissioners are the individuals elected in 5 districts to represent the citizens of Brevard County, Florida.

What is the principle of universal adult franchise?

The Universal Adult Franchise means that every adult of the country should be given right to vote without any discrimination based on any grounds like race, caste, religion etc. Every citizen should have political equality.

Who passed the Legal Framework Order Class 9?

General Pervez Musharraf
This order was passed by General Pervez Musharraf. According to this order, the president has the power and right to dismiss the national and provincial assemblies.

What does plebiscitary mean?

(plĕb′ĭ-sīt′, -sĭt) 1. A direct vote in which the entire electorate is invited to accept or refuse a proposal: The new constitution was ratified in a plebiscite. 2. A vote in which a population exercises the right of national self-determination.

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