What is the postcode for tarragindi?

What is the postcode for tarragindi?

Tarragindi/Postal codes

What Aboriginal land is tarragindi on?

Tarragindi is a southern suburb of the City of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. It is represented through the Holland Park and Moorooka Ward councillors on the Brisbane City Council.

What is Queensland postcode?

Geography. Australian postcodes are sorting information. Australian postcodes range from 0200 for the Australian National University (now 2601) to 9944 for Cannonvale, Queensland. Some towns and suburbs have two postcodes — one for street deliveries and another for post office boxes.

How far is tarragindi from the city?

Tarragindi is a mere 6 kilometres from the CBD, but it’s important to note that it’s not just distance that makes it convenient.

What is the postcode for moorooka?

Moorooka/Postal codes

What is the Aboriginal name for Woolloongabba?

Woolloongabba, an inner suburb between South Brisbane and Kangaroo Point, is 2 km south-east of central Brisbane. The name is derived from an Aboriginal expression, variously interpreted as referring to whirling waters, a fighting place or a wallaby….FLOODS 2011.

Census Date Population
2006 3917
2011 4789

What does tarragindi mean in Aboriginal?

Tarragindi, a residential suburb, is six km south of central Brisbane. The Grimes household employed a Pacific Islander, Tarragindi, and when told that ‘Tarragindi’ meant camp on a hill, Grimes gave that name to his new house.

What is South Brisbane postcode?

South Brisbane/Postal codes

Do all Qld postcodes start with 4?

The first digit corresponded to radio station call signs: 2 (New South Wales), 3 (Victoria), 4 (Queensland), 5 (South Australia), 6 (Western Australia) and 7 (Tasmania). In July 1967, the first edition of the Postcode Booklet was distributed free by mail to every Australian household and business address.

Is tarragindi a good suburb?

Tarragindi is a highly desirable suburb to live in and it’s easy to see why; close to the city, friendly locals, excellent transport and very green and leafy.

What is the postcode for Greenslopes?

Greenslopes/Postal codes

What is East Brisbane postcode?

East Brisbane/Postal codes

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