What is the story of Kaththi?

The story of two look-a-likes Kathiresan and Jeevanantham, focusing on the burning issues of farmers committing suicide due to corporate encroachment.
Kaththi/Film synopsis

Who is the director of Kaththi?

A.R. Murugadoss

Is Kaththi 2 coming?

Our sources from Kollywood reports that a sequel of the blockbuster Vijay movie Kaththi directed by AR Murugadoss is in its planning stage and the team will officially make an announcement after finishing up their current projects.

Who choreographed Selfie Pulla?

Choreographer Bhushan
Selfie pulla – Choreographer Bhushan | Facebook.

Is Kaththi hit or flop?

Kaththi emerged as one of the highest grossing Tamil film of 2014, grossing ₹130 crore at the end of its run, thus becoming a success. It was also one of the highest-grossing Tamil film in U.S at that time.

Is Sarkar hit or flop?

Sarkar has grossed ₹250 crore (US$36 million) worldwide, and emerged as a commercial success.

Is Sarkar 3 hit or flop?

Box Office India calls Sarkar 3 a big flop. The film opened to poor reviews on Friday. In his review for NDTV Movies, Raja Sen gave the film 1.5 stars out of 5. “The plotting is oafish, the character motivations are boringly shallow, and there seems to have been a catastrophic misreading of what palace politics entail.

Did Sarkar hit or flop?

Is 7 Aum Arivu hit or flop?

Box office Indian film trades considered the film a commercial success, despite a high budget and distribution price. 7aum Arivu is thought to have grossed an estimated ₹90 crore–₹100 crore worldwide in its lifetime.

Who was p.jeevanandham and what did he do?

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. P. Jeevanandham (21 August 1907 – 18 January 1963) also called Jeeva, was a social reformer, political leader, litterateur and one of the pioneers of the Communist and socialist movements in the state of Tamil Nadu, India.

When did Valluvan Jeevanandam implant the CardioVad?

Dr. Jeevanandam is a pioneer in the field of mechanical circulatory assist devices. In October 2000, he was the first surgeon in the world to successfully implant the CardioVad, a revolutionary, permanent circulatory assist device that boosts heart function in patients with severe heart failure who are not candidates for transplant.

Which is the railway station named after p.jeevanandham?

The Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (TNSTC), Erode Division is named the Jeeva Transport Corporation in modern days. The railway station at Vyasarpadi in Chennai is named Vyasarpadi Jeeva, as he lived in the area for a period. A commemorative stamp on him was issued on 21-August-2010.

Where did the movie Kaththi by Vijay take place?

The film, which commenced filming in January 2014 in Kolkata, was released on 22 October 2014 worldwide, coinciding with the festival of Deepavali. The film was later dubbed into Hindi as Khaki Aur Khiladi television release on Zee Cinema on 13 December 2017 with Vijay’s voice dubbed by Shanoor Mirza.

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