What is the unemployment rate in Kansas City Kansas?

What is the unemployment rate in Kansas City Kansas?

The unemployment rate in Kansas City peaked in April 2020 at 13.4% and is now 8.3 percentage points lower….Kansas City, Missouri Unemployment History.

Date August 2020
National Unemployment Rate 8.4%
Missouri Unemployment Rate 6.0%
Kansas City Unemployment Rate 6.0%

What is the unemployment rate in Kansas today?


Value from 1 Year Ago 7.00%
Change from 1 Year Ago -47.14%
Frequency Monthly
Unit Percent
Adjustment Seasonally Adjusted

Is Kansas City a growing city?

With a 2020 population of 501,957, it is the largest city in Missouri and the 38th largest city in the United States . Kansas City is currently growing at a rate of 0.66% annually and its population has increased by 9.17% since the most recent census, which recorded a population of 459,787 in 2010.

What is the unemployment rate in Missouri right now?

The unemployment rate in Missouri peaked in April 2020 at 12.5% and is now 8.2 percentage points lower….Missouri Unemployment History.

Date April 2021
National Unemployment Rate 6.1%
Missouri Unemployment Rate 4.1%
Missouri Unemployed 126,946

Who is the largest employer in Kansas City?

The federal government
The federal government is the largest employer in Kansas City. In the wider metropolitan area, the federal government, either directly or through contracts, employs 41,500 people.

How is Kansas unemployment calculated?

Amount and Duration of Unemployment Benefits in Kansas If you are eligible to receive unemployment, your weekly benefit rate will be 4.25% of your wages in the highest paid quarter of the base period. The current maximum (for 2020) is $488 per week; the current minimum is $122.

What is the racial makeup of Kansas?

Kansas Demographics White: 84.38% Black or African American: 5.85% Two or more races: 3.45% Asian: 2.95%

Is Kansas City split between two states?

The state of Missouri then incorporated the area as the City of Kansas in 1853 and renamed it Kansas City in 1889. Today Kansas City, Kansas, and Kansas City, Missouri, remain two separately incorporated cities but together, along with a number of other cities and suburbs, as part of the Kansas City Metropolitan area.

What is a good salary in Kansas City?

While ZipRecruiter is seeing salaries as high as $132,077 and as low as $19,909, the majority of salaries within the Average jobs category currently range between $48,072 (25th percentile) to $71,865 (75th percentile) with top earners (90th percentile) making $87,404 annually in Kansas City.

What is current US unemployment rate?

5.4 percent
The national unemployment rate, 5.4 percent, declined by 0.5 percentage point over the month and was 4.8 points lower than in July 2020. The economy added 943,000 jobs in July. State unemployment rates for August are scheduled to be released on Friday, September 17, 2021, at 10:00 a.m. (ET). .

What will the unemployment rate be in 2021?

According to the economic projections of the Federal Reserve, the unemployment rate in the US will average at 4.5% by the end of 2021 and pursue its fall in 2022 and 2023, reaching 3.8% and 3.5% levels correspondingly.

What drives Kansas City economy?

Falling behind despite economic growth Kansas City’s top industries are manufacturing, professional and technical services, healthcare and transportation.

How big is the economy of Kansas City?

The Kansas City metropolitan area is the 27th largest in the United States, based on the United States Census Bureau ‘s 2004 population estimates. The metro’s economy is large and influential to its region.

How to find out more about Kansas City MO?

View our KC: At a Glance Interactive Story Map for details and facts about Kansas City, Missouri. You can find a printable resource for this information here: KC: At a Glance Printable Guide.

What is the unemployment rate in Kansas City?

Kansas City, MO-KS Data Series Nov 2020 Dec 2020 Jan 2021 Feb 2021 Unemployment ( 1) ( 2) 48.7 ( 2) 51.5 59.0 54.6 Unemployment Rate ( 3) ( 2) 4.3 ( 2) 4.5 5.1 4.8 Nonfarm Wage and Salary Employment Total Nonfarm ( 4) 1,063.8 1,067.8 1,052.4 1,044.9

What does city planning and development do in KC?

Click on the button to the left to weigh in on the future of KC in The KC Spirit Playbook! The City Planning and Development Department guides future physical and economic development by focusing on two main areas: Planning Services and Development Services.

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