What is the value of a 1965 fastback Mustang?

What is the value of a 1965 fastback Mustang?

The average price for the classic Ford Mustang 1965 is currently 30,000 – 40,000 USD.

What is a 1965 1965 Mustang worth?

Mustang Prices Through The Years

Year / Model / Trim Base MSRP Adj. for Inflation
1965 Mustang Hardtop $2,427 $19,418
1965 Mustang 2+2 Fastback $2,639 $21,115
1965 Mustang Convertible $2,663 $21,307

How much is a fastback Mustang worth?

The 2021 Ford Mustang starts at $27,155, which is about average for the sports car class. That price tag is for the base fastback (coupe) model; a base Mustang convertible starts at $32,655.

What should I pay for a 1965 Mustang?

Original MSRP. $2,427. $2,427.

  • Low Retail. $8,000. Options. $8,000.
  • Average Retail. $25,700. Options. $25,700.
  • High Retail. $39,700. Options. $39,700.
  • How many Mustangs sold 1965?

    Of total sales, the 1965 Mustang hardtop coupe drew 501,965 buyers, the convertible 101,945 and the fastback coupe 77,079. While the general public was crazy about the Mustang, most auto experts greeted the car with qualified enthusiasm because they knew that under its sexy body was a humble Ford Falcon.

    Why are fastback Mustangs so expensive?

    There are several reasons behind this, but chief among them is that buyers were attracted to the car’s affordable price of around $2,500, sporty nature, and extensive customization options, both mechanical and cosmetic.

    What is the cheapest Mustang?

    GT. The Mustang GT ($37,315) is the lowest-priced V8-powered model.

    Why are old Mustangs so cheap?

    So why are Ford Mustangs so cheap? Used Ford Mustangs are so cheap because there are just so many of them out there. Since 1965, almost 10 million of them have been sold. With that many of them on the road, there will always be a good used market with some incredible deals.

    What year Mustang is the most valuable?

    Here are the five most expensive Mustangs ever sold.

    • 1965 Shelby Mustang GT350R — US$3.5 million.
    • 1968 Ford Mustang GT390 “Bullitt” — US$3.4 million.
    • 1967 Shelby GT500 Super Snake — US$1.3 Million.
    • 2020 Ford Shelby Mustang GT500 — US$1.1 million.
    • 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 “Eleanor” — US$1 million.

    What was the price of a 1965 Mustang?

    Mustang Prices Through The Years. Year / Model / Trim Base MSRP Adj. Inflation 2017. 1965 Mustang Hardtop $2,427 $18,769. 1965 Mustang 2+2 Fastback $2,639 $20,409. 1965 Mustang Convertible $2,663 $20,594.

    What is the top speed of a 1965 Mustang?

    Top Speed: 200 mph (Est.) 1965 Ford Mustang . In 1965, the Ford Mustang was still in its first generation after being officially unveiled on April 17, 1964. With a MSRP of $2,368, the first-generation Mustang brake many sales records, as more than 1 million Mustangs hit the market within 18 months of its release.

    Where is the Vin located on a 1965 Ford Mustang?

    The Shelby VIN number is found under the hood on top of the driver’s side fender apron on an aluminum plate pop rivited over the FORD VIN plate. You can see the location in this 1965 Engine Photo. Go back to the MustangAttitude.com Home Page.

    What is the weight of a 1965 Mustang?

    To give you a general idea of how these values scale relative to one another, here are C&D’s figures for the 1965 Mustang 2+2: dry weight 2,760 pounds, curb weight 2,877 pounds, test weight 3,175 pounds.

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