What is there to do in mackerel island?

The biggest and best fishing legends start at the Mackerel Islands – in the Pilbara’s fishiest waters!

  • Fish.
  • Boat Fishing.
  • Beach Fishing.
  • Fly Fishing.
  • Seafari.

Who owns Thevenard Island?

The island was visited by indigenous Australians before and after its separation from the mainland, approximately 8,000 years ago. In 1964, Onslow local residents Ian Blair and Adrian Day were granted a lease on Thevenard Island and Direction Island by the Government of Western Australia.

How to get to Thevenard Island?

Located 45 minutes by boat from the mainland of Onslow in Western Australia, Thevenard Island is easily accessible via our island transfer service or your own boat. The island also has a 1,000m brick paved airstrip for light plane or charter flights.

How do you get to mackerel island?

The Mackerel Islands are easily accessible from Onslow, via our island transfer service or your own boat. The crossing takes approximately 45 minutes to Thevenard Island or 20 minutes to Direction Island. You can also land on Thevenard Island by private aircraft or charter flights from Exmouth and Karratha.

Can you take dogs to Mackerel Islands?

A dog is one of your best friends. Your dog is part of the family. Fortunately, many property owners in Western Australia also share these thoughts and offer great accommodation options to book in most popular locations. …

How do you get to Direction Island?

Located a 20 minute boat trip away from the mainland of Onslow in Western Australia, Direction Island is easily accessible via our island transfer service, or for guests travelling with your own boat.

Who owns mackerel Island?

Drew Norrish – CEO – Mackerel Islands Pty Ltd | LinkedIn.

Can you swim in Onslow?

Onslow is located on a small headland, with the Beadon Bay on one side and the Indian Ocean on the other. There are two main beaches in Onslow where activities such as fishing, swimming and snorkelling are prominent.

Where is Dampier Archipelago?

Pilbara region
The Dampier Archipelago, in the Pilbara region of WA, is a coastal wonderland comprising of 42 islands and islets off the coast of Dampier and Point Samson. These islands offer excellent opportunities for boating, fishing, snorkelling, camping and other recreational activities.

Can you camp on Cocos Keeling Island?

If you’d like to truly experience the tranquillity and remoteness of Direction Island, camping is permitted. To make the most of your adventure, you’ll need to arrive fully self-sufficient as there is no drinking water or electricity.

What days does Virgin fly to Cocos Island?

Getting to the Cocos Islands Virgin Australia operates two services per week to the Cocos Keeling Islands, one on Tuesday and one on Saturday.

Is it worth going to Onslow?

The town is an attractive site for those who loves nature and history. The Old Onslow ruins showcase the life of the people before the townsite was moved, with historic buildings such as the old gaol. Onslow also offers beautiful beaches where water activities can be done.

Where is Thevenard Island located in Western Australia?

Thevenard Island is located approximately 22 kilometres (14 mi) off the coast of Onslow in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Thevenard Island is the largest of a group of ten islands and atolls unofficially called the Mackerel Islands.

How big of an island is Thevenard Island?

There is a 1,000-metre (3,281 ft) brick paved runway on Thevenard. The island can be reached by a ferry service operating from the mainland at Onslow, recreational boats, helicopter and light scenic plane. Thevenard Island is approximately 6 kilometres (4 mi) in length and occupies a total area of 550 hectares (1,359 acres).

What kind of lease does Thevenard Island have?

Thevenard Island is shared tenure. There are two leases in addition to the nature reserve: A mining lease for the purpose of oil extraction and is currently in care and maintenance. Access to the mining lease is restricted to authorised personnel only.

Is there an airstrip on Thevenard Island?

The island also has a 1,000m brick paved airstrip for light plane or charter flights. Choose from absolute beachfront accommodation overlooking the boat moorings and swimming bay, in a 2, 3 or 5 bedroom self-contained, air-conditioned cabin with all the comforts of everyday living.

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