What level can a mage solo SFK?

An average level 35 player could do it.

When can I boost SFK?

For example SFK the minimum level you can enter is lvl14 but the xp is pretty terrible until level 16 or 17 at which point it gradually gets better and better xp/hour up until 26ish. I usually do 10-15 Deadmines, 15-20 Stocks, 20-40 SM.

What LVL can you get into SFK?

Shadowfang Keep is an early dungeon that Horde players are more likely to venture into, but Alliance Warlocks and Paladins will have to complete for their class quests. You can enter the dungeon at Level 11, but it is recommended to only do the dungeon once you reach Level 18 to 21.

What level should I start SM boosting?

What level should I start SM boost? You should start SM boosts at level 27 in WoW Classic. It is advisable to stay in SFK as long as you can since it will cost much less per boost. If you don’t care about gold, and XP is your main priority, start SM at level 20.

What level is shadowfang keep vanilla?

level 22-30
Dungeon Overview Shadowfang Keep is a level 22-30 dungeon located in the Horde leveling zone of Silverpine Forest in Classic WoW.

What level is best for SM boosts?

Level Ranges

Dungeon Level Ranges Optimal Boosting Range Minimum Level
(SFK) Shadowfang Keep 16-20 10
(SM) Scarlet Monastery 20-42 20
(Mara) Maraudon 42-54 30
(ZG) Zul’Gurub 54-60 50

What level do you stop getting XP in SFK?


Dungeon Mob Min Max Level for Exp
RFC 13 18
DMines 14 19
WC 17 23
SFK 18 24

What is the lowest level you can enter SFK?

The lowest level allowed in SFK is level 10.

How much XP does a Mara boost give?

In Mara boosts you will receive XP from at least 300 mobs inside the Maraudon instance. One instance clear takes around 14 minutes. The level range for these boosts is 35 to 52. In ZG boosts you will receive XP form 55 mobs inside the Zul Gurub instance.

How much XP do ZG boosts give?

Each coin turn in acts as a repeatable quest/daily and can be turned in for 650 xp along with rep and 1 honor token. From 0.00% into 58 you need to turn in 1 Bijou, doesn’t matter the color, and it will give you 6,600 XP.

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