What otome games are in English?

What otome games are in English?

There are some great indie otome games out there with strong potential.

  1. Nameless ~The One Thing You Must Recall~
  2. Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~
  3. Sweet Fuse: At Your Side.
  4. Yo-Jin-Bo.
  5. Norn9: Var Commons.
  6. Amnesia: Memories.
  7. Dandelion -Wishes Brought to You–
  8. Hakuoki.

What is the best otome game?

Top Ten Best Otome Games

  • 10) TAISHO x ALICE. Price: $19.99 per episode (3 episodes in total), $24.99 for Episode 1 on JAST USA.
  • 9) Hatoful Boyfriend. Price: $9.99.
  • 8) Hakuoki: Kyoto Winds. Price: $9.99 (PC)
  • 7) London Detective Mysteria.
  • 6) Love Spell: Written in the Stars.
  • 5) Backstage Pass.
  • 4) Collar x Malice.
  • 3) Café Enchanté

What are some good free otome games?

We found 11 free Otome Games for Android & iOS.

  • Otome Game: Love Dating Story.
  • Story Jar – Otome game / dating sim.
  • The Princes of the Night: Romance otome games.
  • Amnesia: Memories.
  • Lovely Hero.
  • Obey Me! Shall we date? – Anime Otome Dating Sim.
  • Dangerous Fellows: your Thriller Otome game.
  • Nightmare Harem.

What are otome games for guys called?

There are also games targeted towards women that are focused on romance between men, called boys’ love games (ボーイズラブゲーム, bōizu rabu gēmu), and sometimes there are yaoi (boys’ love) elements in otome games, but the two genres are usually kept separate.

What is the #1 otome game in the US?

1. Mystic Messenger. Mystic Messenger is probably one of the most popular otome games to date. It is produced by Cheritz and was first released in 2016 where it hit the world by storm.

Where do you buy otome games?

Where to Buy

  • Himeya Shop: Sells otome games for any console; you can even request them for games they don’t already have in stock.
  • Play-Asia: Sells otome games for consoles, but no PC games.
  • Yamato-Touch: Just like Himeya and just as good, except that you can choose a cheaper shipping option.

What are Japanese dating sims called?

In Japan, dating sim characters are referred to as “capturable” — whether that means you capture their hearts or their bodies depends on the game. But you’ll need to focus, as playing the field can result in an unsatisfying ending, and no one likes that.

Where can I play otome games for free?

My Free Otome Picks

  • #1: Hunex Games.
  • #2: Hanabi Media Games.
  • #3: Mystic Messenger.
  • #4: Day7 Games.
  • #5: Voltage’s Love365 Free Routes.
  • #6: Genius Inc Games.
  • #6: Games on Steam.
  • #7: Ciagram Games.

What is Otome kei?

乙女 Otome (乙女) is a japanese maiden-like fashion as well as a lifestyle based around traditional girls’ hobbies. It originated in the late 1970s and is often refered to as one of the predecessors of Lolita fashion.

How old should you be to play otome games?

And technically seen, you can be too young to play otome games, since most of them have a age restriction. Most of the time it will be 12 years old. But there are games that have some extreme themes and are meant for everyone who’s 18 or older.

What is otome fashion?

Otome (乙女) is a japanese maiden-like fashion as well as a lifestyle based around traditional girls’ hobbies. It originated in the late 1970s and is often refered to as one of the predecessors of Lolita fashion. In western circles, the name is often misused for Casual Lolita being worn without a petticoat.

What was the first dating sim?

While the genre started in the 1980s, arguably the first dating sim to make it big is Tokimeki Memorial, first released for the PC in 1994.

Are there any otome games I can play in English?

I’m Empress I love otome and anime. I made My Otome Games for English otome games that I have played or plan on playing. I will post otome news,reviews & more!

What are the goals of an otome game?

An otome game is a story based video game that is targeted towards the female market. Generally one of the goals, besides the main plot goal, is to develop a romantic relationship between the female player character and one of several male or female characters.

When did the first otome game come out?

The first-ever otome game, Angelique, was released in 1994 by Koei, a video game publisher. Since then, otome games have enjoyed sustained popularity, especially amongst female gamers.

Where can you find love in otome games?

You can find love in either a steampunk past or a technologically diverse future, where handsome men and secret characters make the slim storyline much more interesting. Choose from the best friend type, the older brother type, a robot, a kid with no hands, a clock maker, an adorkable clumsy man from the past, and many more.

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