What was dollar rate in 2011?

1 USD to INR Rates From 1947 to 2020

Year Exchange rate(INR per USD)
2009 (Oct) 46.37
2010 (22 Jan) 46.21
2011 (April) 44.17
2011 (21 Sep) 48.24

How much is a dinar to a dollar?

Currency ConverterDinar to Dollar – IQD/USDInvert

ع.د $
Exchange Rate 1 Dinar = $0.0006854 Dollar
Date: Bank Commission +/- 0% +/- 1% +/- 2% (Typical ATM rate) +/- 3% (Typical Credit Card rate) +/- 4% +/- 5% (Typical Kiosk rate)

Where can I convert Iraqi Dinar to US dollars?

Sell your dinars to banks. There are several banks in the Middle East that will purchase dinars. Three of these banks are the Central Bank of Iraq, the National Bank of Jordan, and the National Bank of Kuwait (see Resources). You will need to contact the banks directly and discuss their policies and procedures.

Are dinars worth anything?

The U.S. Treasury lists the dinar as worth nothing. Collectors think otherwise. While low-denomination Saddam notes have some souvenir value, prices are far higher for older Iraqi currency, said Audrius Tomonis, a currency collector who runs the website Banknotes.com.

What was the value of 1 dollar in 1947?


Year Exchange rate (INR per USD)
1947 3.30
1949 4.76
1966 7.50
1975 8.39

What was the Canadian dollar worth in 2011?

This is the Canadian Dollar (CAD) to US Dollar (USD) exchange rate history data page for the year of 2011, covering 365 days of CAD USD historical data. Best exchange rate: 1.0599 USD on 26 Jul 2011. Average exchange rate in 2011: 1.0116 USD. Worst exchange rate: 0.9492 USD on 04 Oct 2011.

Is it legal to own Iraqi Dinar?

It is illegal in the U.S. and most other major economies to market an investment without appropriate securities registration. The scammers get around this requirement in two ways. First, it is technically legal to sell hard currency for its numismatic value.

What is the most valuable currency?

Kuwaiti dinar
Kuwaiti dinar You will receive just 0.30 Kuwait dinar after exchanging 1 US dollar, making the Kuwaiti dinar the world’s highest-valued currency unit per face value, or simply ‘the world’s strongest currency’.

Does Wells Fargo buy Iraqi dinar?

Does Wells Fargo buy or sell Iraqi dinar? No, Wells Fargo does not buy or sell Iraqi dinar in any location – online, by phone, or in our branches.

Can you exchange Iraqi dinar at a bank?

The Iraqi dinar is the currency of Iraq and can be exchanged for U.S. dollars. However, major banks and brokers do not offer trading of the IQD/USD pair, and transactions are placed through money exchanges, which charge hefty fees.

Does Wells Fargo Exchange Iraqi dinar?

Does the US Treasury hold Iraqi dinar?

The same federal indictment against “BH Group” states that, in fact, the “U.S. Department of the Treasury does not hold any Iraqi dinar for investment purposes and holds only a nominal amount for use.”

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