What was the article about in 27 Dresses?

What was the article about in 27 Dresses?

Jane is career-oriented and secretly in love with her employer, George. She spends much of her time as a bridesmaid, and has 27 dresses as evidence. Then her structured and ordered life comes unhinged when her younger sister, Tess, re-enters her life, and a reporter, Kevin, is attracted to her.

How much did Katherine Heigl make for 27 Dresses?

At the height of her career, Heigl was one of the highest-paid actresses in the business — on the small and big screen. After earning $6 million for both 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth, her salary doubled to $12 million in 2010 for Killers, an action-comedy co-starring Ashton Kutcher.

Is the girl in 27 Dresses a wedding planner?

Jane Nichols (Katherine Heigl) loves weddings and she has been a bridesmaid for 27 weddings and she keeps her dresses worn to the weddings in a big closet. Soon the new couple announce that they intend to marry in three weeks and Jane becomes the wedding planner.

Is 27 Dresses a chick flick?

Reel time: ’27 Dresses’ repeats ‘chick flick’ stereotypes, highlights unrequited romance. In “27 Dresses,” Katherine Heigl stars as Jane, a hopeless romantic whose sole purpose in life is to help those around her.

Is 27 Dresses a Disney movie?

27 Dresses is a 2008 American romantic comedy film directed by Anne Fletcher and written by Aline Brosh McKenna. The film stars Katherine Heigl and James Marsden. The film was released January 10, 2008 in Australia and opened in the United States on January 18….

27 Dresses
Budget $30 million
Box office $162.7 million

What is Shonda Rhimes worth?

Shonda Rhimes has an estimated net worth of $135 million. The success of her Shondaland line-up, which includes “Grey’s Anatomy,” has made her a historic figure in TV and led to a multimillion-dollar Netflix deal.

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