What was the standard deduction in 2010?

What was the standard deduction in 2010?

Standard Deduction Amounts

Year Married filing jointly and surviving spouses Single filers
2010 $11,400 $5,700
2011 $11,600 $5,800
2012 $11,900 $5,950
2013 $12,200 $6,100

Can I file a 2010 tax return?

2010 tax filing is no longer available, but you can still file your 2013-2019 tax returns.

What are the tax brackets for 2010?

How We Make Money

Tax rate Single filers Married filing jointly or qualifying widow/widower
10% Up to $8,375 Up to $16,750
15% $8,376 – $34,000 $16,751 – $68,000
25% $34,001 – $82,400 $68,001 – $137,300
28% $82,401 – $171,850 $137,301 – $209,250

What is the minimum income to file taxes in 2010?

your gross income was at least $3,650, you must file a return regardless of your age. See Exemptions for Dependents to find out if you are a dependent. tax.

What falls under standard deduction?

The standard deduction reduces the amount of income you have to pay taxes on. Taking the standard deduction means you can’t deduct home mortgage interest or take the many other popular tax deductions — medical expenses or charitable donations, for example.

How can I find my 2010 tax return?

To get a transcript, taxpayers can:

  1. Order online. They can use the Get Transcript tool on IRS.gov.
  2. Order by mail. Taxpayers can use Get Transcript by Mail or call 800-908-9946 to order a tax return transcripts and tax account transcripts.
  3. Complete and send either 4506-T or 4506T-EZ to the IRS.

How far back can you file taxes and get a refund?

three years
In most cases, an original return claiming a refund must be filed within three years of its due date for the IRS to issue a refund. Generally, after the three-year window closes, the IRS can neither send a refund for the specific tax year.

How much federal income tax would you pay if you made $50000 filing single in 2010?

For example, a single person earning $50,000 would be in the 25% tax bracket in 2010. She would pay federal income tax of $4,681.25 plus 25% on her income over $34,000.

What was the tax rate in 2004?

Federal – 2004 Single Tax Brackets

Tax Bracket Tax Rate
$0.00+ 10%
$7,150.00+ 15%
$29,050.00+ 25%
$70,350.00+ 28%

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