What year is Despicable Me 2 set in?

↑ Despicable Me 2 takes place in 2013 (see below), and El Macho’s career is said to be about 20 years ago.

Will Gru and Lucy have a baby?

Gru and Lucy will be expecting their first biological child in the third film. The birth will be near or at the film’s end, and the baby will be a boy. The girls will have a more prominent role in the third movie. Lucy will even get arrested because of her association with Gru.

How old is Lucy Gru?

The two hit it off, and Lucy becomes Gru’s love interest, and later his wife. She also acts as the adoptive mother to Gru’s daughters. When we are introduced to Lucy, in ‘Despicable Me 2,’ she’s in her forties and thrilled at the excitement of field-work.

Who plays Gru’s date in Despicable Me 2?

This article is about the Real World. Kristen Schaal (January 24, 1978) is an American actress, voice artist, writer, and comedian. She voices Shannon in the film Despicable Me 2 and Despicable Me 3.

What is Gru’s full name?

Gru, whose full name is Felonious Gru, discovers he has a twin brother named Dru, which, yes, means the brother’s name is Dru Gru, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense, But then again, long-lost twin sibling stories rarely do.

Does Gru steal the moon?

Gru, along with Dr. Gru steals the Moon with the shrink ray, which comically stops tidal waves for surfers and reverts a werewolf to normal. But Gru is forced to give it to Vector in exchange for the girls who are kidnapped by him. However, Vector kept both the Moon and the girls, causing Gru to storm his lair.

Are Margo Edith and Agnes actually sisters?

Margo Gru is the oldest of the three orphan girls that Gru adopts. Like Edith and Agnes (Margo’s younger sisters), Margo wished to be adopted by somebody who would love them.

Are Margo Edith and Agnes real sisters?

They aren’t technically sisters, but they spend all their time together. Margo is the oldest, Agnes is the youngest, and Edith is the messiest.

Who is Gru’s girlfriend?

Lucy Wilde
Felonious Gru
Felonious Gru/Significant others

Bridesmaids star Kristen Wiig reprises her role as Gru’s agent wife, Lucy Wilde. After her parents were killed by a villain when she was young, Wilde became an agent of the Anti-Villian league. Wilde soonafter became Gru’s wife and the adoptive mother to Margo (voiced by Miranda Cosgrove), Agnes and Edith.

Who does GRU fall in love with?

Lucy Wilde-Gru
Lucy Wilde-Gru , a major character of the Despicable Me franchise. She was a rookie agent of the Anti-Villain League. She is the love interest, later wife of Felonius Gru and adoptive mother to Margo, Edith, and Agnes.

Is Victor still on the moon?

According to an AVL document in Despicable Me 3, Vector is still stranded on the moon; at night, if viewed through a telescope, he is visible as an orange dot, implying that his body is still there.

What does GRU call the lady in Spanish?

Gru (Steve Carell) tells Miss Hattie (Kristen Wiig), in Spanish, that her face is “como un burro”. This means “like a donkey.” In his application to adopt the girls, Gru’s first name is given as Felonious.

When do the events of Despicable Me 2 take place?

The events of Despicable Me 2 mainly take place in this following timespan. Early April – El Macho makes his comeback and steals the PX-Labs building. April 30, 2013 – Agnes has her six birthday party. Infamous for having Gru dressing up as a fairy princess, being forced to do so when the hired princess says she can not make it.

When does the new Despicable Me movie come out?

Things get tricky as his Minions start disappearing and he has a horrible flashback to his childhood. He also starts falling for the Fiery Redhead Lucy. A prequel / spinoff feature film titled Minions starring the little yellow henchmen was released on July 10, 2015.

How much money did Despicable Me 2 make?

The film received generally positive reviews from critics and grossed over $970 million worldwide against a budget of $76 million. At the time of release, the film became the second-highest-grossing animated film of all time. The film is also the third-highest-grossing film of 2013.

Who are the cast members of Despicable Me 2?

New cast members include Benjamin Bratt as Eduardo “El Macho” Pérez and Steve Coogan as Silas Ramsbottom, head of the fictional Anti-Villain League (AVL). Despicable Me 2 premiered on June 5, 2013 in Australia and was released in the United States on July 3, 2013.

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