When did one direction song one way or another?

When did one direction song one way or another?

“One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)” is a cover recorded by English-Irish boy band One Direction, released as the 2013 Comic Relief charity single on 17 February 2013. It is a medley of Blondie’s “One Way or Another” and The Undertones’ “Teenage Kicks”, both originally released in 1978.

Who sings one way or another teenage kicks?

One Direction
One Way or Another (Teenage Kicks)/Artists

Who covered one way or another?


Title Performer Release date
One Way or Another Blondie September 1978
One Way or Another Face to Face 1992
One Way or Another SKAndalous All-Stars January 1998
One Way or Another Lee Rocker September 5, 1998

What group sings one way or another?

One Way Or Another/Artists

Why did 1D split up?

In that same 2017 interview, when asked why the band agreed to take a hiatus, Styles told Rolling Stone he “didn’t want to exhaust [the band’s] fan base” and spoke for the other members saying, “We all thought too much of the group to let that happen.” The band changed my life, gave me everything.”

Who originally wrote one way or another?

Debbie Harry
Nigel Harrison
One Way Or Another/Composers

How old is Debbie Harry?

76 years (July 1, 1945)
Debbie Harry/Age
Debbie Harry talks Trump! Debbie Harry, 76, has amazed fans with her youthful looks, and a series of stunning unearthed snaps prove she has continued to wow with her fashion sense over the years.

What is Blondie’s real name?

Angela Tremble
Debbie Harry/Full name

Debbie Harry is a singer and actress famous for leading Blondie, a new wave band known for their U.S. No. 1 hits “Heart of Glass,” “Call Me,” “The Tide Is High” and “Rapture.”

What year was one way or another?

One Way Or Another/Released

Who originally had a hit with Make You Feel My Love?

Since it emerged in 1997 — first by way of a version by Billy Joel, followed by Dylan’s own — “Make You Feel My Love” has been rendered by a staggering 459 artists to date. According to the source, it now likely ranks in the top 10 of Dylan songs tackled by other artists.

Are Harry and Zayn still friends?

One Direction shot to stardom in 2010 after competing on “The X Factor” and went on hiatus in 2015. Zayn Malik has said he made no friends while in One Direction and didn’t like their music. Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have spoken about a possible reunion, but have not given details.

What kind of music does one direction listen to?

One Direction fans are incredibly diverse, too. They listen to many different kinds of music, not just pop. While 83% admitted they normally listen to pop music, 54% like rock, and 59% enjoy alternative music.

When was one way or another by One Direction released?

One Way Or Another is a song by Blondie and Teenage Kicks is a song by The Undertones. In 2013, One Direction recorded a cover that was released as the official Comic Relief record. The single was set to be released digitally on February 17, 2013, but it was leaked. The CD single was available the next day.

What kind of people are One Direction fans?

Working fans are all over the place as well, ranging from teachers to engineers to sex workers to attorneys. Over 80% of fans have used their personal time to volunteer either currently or in the past. Now on to the important things!

Where was one way or another music video filmed?

“One Way Or Another” is One Direction’s seventh music video. It was filmed while the band was on tour and visiting Africa. It was filmed primarily by One Direction, who gave the money raised from sales to Comic Relief.

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