When did the mists of Pandaria come out?

When did the mists of Pandaria come out?

End of dialog window. Mists of Pandaria is the fourth World of Warcraft expansion, officially announced on October 21, 2011 at BlizzCon. It promises to be a radical departure from Cataclysm, with the addition of the peaceful pandaren, new Monk class, and a complete talent revamp.

Who are the factions in the mists of Pandaria?

Pandaria has been shrouded in a mist. The alliance and horde wash up on the shores of Pandaria during a naval battle. They immediately want it for their own for the war–so they are going to destroy the pandaren to get its resources! The Alliance befriend the peaceful aquatic Jinyu, while the Horde befriend the bloodthirsty Hozen.

Who are the upper caste of Jinyu in Mists of Pandaria?

The pandaren look up to them as a wise, yet overly strict, race of Elders. The upper caste of Jinyu consists of Waterspeakers, who can place staves into the river to learn its secrets and clues about the future. Sprites: Pranksters and embodiments of nature.

At BlizzCon 2011, Mists of Pandaria was announced as the fourth expansion to the World of Warcraft series. The expansion is set to include a new race for both factions, the Pandaren, as well as a new playable class, the Monk.

Where are the levels in Mists of Pandaria?

The Wandering Isle – New Pandaren starting zone. Level 1 – 5. 7 new level-up zones (most will be as large as Twilight Highlands or larger). The Jade Forest – Eastern and beginning zone. Level 85 – 87. Valley of the Four Winds – Central southern zone. Level 86 – 87. Kun-Lai Summit – Northern zone. Level 86 – 88. Townlong Steppes – Western zone.

What did Tom Chilton say about Mists of Pandaria?

Blizzplanet interpreted a brief comment by Tom Chilton as potentially debunking Mists of Pandaria as the new expansion, something upcoming in World of Warcraft, or something like that (it was all pretty vague). The interpretation turned out not to be a debunking and apparently just vague.

When does the new World of Warcraft expansion come out?

On Oct. 1, Blizzard delayed the highly anticipated Shadowlands expansion for World of Warcraft. The expansion currently doesn’t have a release date, but its big, pre-expansion patch is here nonetheless.

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