Where are AEG tools made?

The rights to produce AEG-branded power tools have recently been licensed to Techtronic Industries, a Hong Kong based company who also manufacture Milwaukee and Ryobi power tools. AEG tools are branded as Ridgid in America.

What company makes AEG tools?

AEG’s power tools look a lot like Ridgid’s – as well they should, since AEG is owned by TTI. TTI is a Hong Kong based company that has a licensing agreement to produce hand-held tools under the Ridgid brand for Emerson (which owns the brand).

Is AEG owned by Milwaukee?

MILWAUKEE — Techtronic Industries Co. The purchase combines Milwaukee and AEG with TTI’s Ryobi brand. The company also owns consumer brands such as HomeLite and Dirt Devil.

What does AEG stand for in power tools?

Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft
The history of Allgemeine Elektricitäts-Gesellschaft (General Electric Company), better known around the world today as the brand AEG, extends back over 120 years and includes not only a ground-breaking heritage in electrical tools and engineering but a formative role in establishing the field of industrial design …

Is AEG good brand?

AEG is part of the appliance brand family that includes Electrolux and Zanussi products. AEG ovens have a small but significant share of the market. In our years of ovens testing, we’ve found that even the best brands don’t consistently produce winning models.

Is AEG made in Germany?

AEG was founded in Germany in 1887 and has been the leader in the appliance and electronics industry ever since. AEG stands for Advanced Engineering from Germany which is why each product is developed to be Perfekt in Form und Funktion.

Is AEG a good brand?

survey results reveal whether AEG ovens are reliable and whether the people who own one would recommend it to a friend. AEG is part of the appliance brand family that includes Electrolux and Zanussi products. In our years of ovens testing, we’ve found that even the best brands don’t consistently produce winning models.

What is the most powerful AEG battery?

39 Reviews. The AEG 9.0Ah FORCE Battery is the ultimate in both run-time and performance, perfect for demanding applications. This battery features a new, more powerful cell, robust cell frame & protective housing, as well as AEG’s latest smart systems, designed to deliver unprecedented power &…

What nationality is AEG?

AEG AG, former German electronics and electrical-equipment company. As one of Germany’s leading industrial companies through much of the 19th and 20th centuries, AEG manufactured products for industrial and domestic use.

Is AEG still made in Germany?

To our knowledge there are no AEG machines now built in Germany at all. Most laundry appears to be Italian for example, coming from the same production facilities as other Electrolux Group products.

Is AEG the same as Bosch?

Another extremley large European white goods manufacturer is the BSH group which owns the Bosch , Neff , Siemens and Gaggenau brands. The Electrolux group own well over 50 brand names (though not all of them washing machines) Among the more well known ones are AEG, Tricity Bendix, Zanussi.

Are AEG appliances reliable?


Where can I buy AEG Powertools in Europe?

AEG POWERTOOLS has been a market leading supplier of professional trade powertools since 1898. These tools are available to purchase in trade outlets across Europe, the Middle East and Africa

What did AEG electric tools do for a living?

By the start of the new century, AEG electric tools had become global sellers and the company’s commitment to providing superior quality power tools for professional use in construction, woodworking and industrial use was here to stay. AEG was not only a leader in the type of products it produced but the way it presented them.

When did AEG Powertools start making jigsaws?

Joining the Swedish global leader in professional and industrial tools in 1991, AEG Powertools continued to produce world-class innovations in its sector. AEG’s FIXTEC technology for jigsaws created a rapid-change system that made it super-easy for users to change accessories.

When was the first AEG electric drill made?

In 1908, AEG produced the first portable drill with a pistol grip, a design that gave the user added flexibility and remains among the most popular for this type of tool today. Further advances saw drills with speed regulation introduced and in the 1920s the first electric tools with universal motors.

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