Where are all the grottos in Dragon Quest IX?

Where are all the grottos in Dragon Quest IX?

The following is a list showing possible treasure map grotto locations in Dragon Quest IX. For the over 10,000 treasure maps, there are 150 locations on the world map for a grotto to be, a grotto location is somewhat limited by the map type but randomly chosen from possible locations. These are just a few possibilities.

How many vocations are there in Dragon Quest IX?

There are a total of twelve vocations in Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels of the Starry Skies. Six are available initially, while others must be unlocked via quests. The vocations are: Armamentalist, Gladiator, Luminary, Mage, Martial Artist, Minstrel, Paladin, Priest, Ranger, Sage, Thief and Warrior .

Where are all the treasure maps in Dragon Quest IX?

These are just a few possibilities. Island in the south of Western Coffinwell. For more information regarding treasure maps, see Treasure map (Dragon Quest IX) . For Chinese source with the 150 (numbered in Hex) available, see the following location [1]

Who is the supreme sage in Dragon Quest?

The Supreme Sage, who sleeps between the pages of a book on the shelves of Glittengham Palace, asked if you’d like to become a sage too. To do so, you have to finish off five great trolls with Frizz. Great troll roams in Realm of the Mighty and in some grottos. They have around 600-700hp.

Where are the landmarks in Dragon Quest 9?

Hover a Treasure map to show a magnifed Treasure map, Click a Treasure map to show the area map. Landmarks : Water Reefs Trees Montain Flower Poison Lake High grass, Cereal Road Bridge Town, Building, Caves, Fence, Signpost, Well

How to get a map of the grotto?

Use this page to get a map of the floors and treasure chests in a grotto. Visit the grotto map hex finder to find the location code for your map. Find the rank and seed of your map using Yabd.org’s Grotto Search. Use the location code from step 1 to make sure that you found the correct seed and rank.

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