Where are the parts in Tranzit?

Where are the parts in Tranzit?

There are three parts to be located; one of them can be found in the library, the other in Warden’s office and the final one in the Infirmary. The workbench at the docks can be used to make a Zombie Shield similar to the one in Tranzit.

Where are the parts for the jet gun in Tranzit?

2 Answers

  1. Engine = Tunnel between the bus depot and diner.
  2. Gauge = Shack between power plant and the town.
  3. Handbrake = Nacht Der Untoten.
  4. Wires = Near Tombstone in power plant.

Where are the parts to turn on the power on Tranzit?

Location of items to turn on the power in Black Ops 2

  • On the left before you leave the first room.
  • At the corner of the railing – to the right when you enter the middle white room – before you go down the stairs.
  • Next to the barrels on the left at the bottom of the stairs.

What is the point of Tranzit on Black Ops 2?

TranZit is a new Zombies Game Mode in Black Ops II. It allows players to travel from area to area, solving the mystery as to why they’re there. This game mode is similar to Survival because players still fight Zombies and have waves.

Can you beat Tranzit?

Tranzit is one of the hardest zombie maps to complete and you’re going to need a few friends to help you out here. In order to complete Tranzit you’re going to need to have 4 players in the game. All 4 of you must build and hold the electric turbine (which is built in the first room).

What is the electric man on Tranzit?

Avogadro is made of pure energy from the Elemental Shard in the shape of a human, In Tranzit, Avogadro is only spawned in Once the power is on and the Round begins with the Storm Clouds above.

How do you beat Tranzit?

Him can easily be defeated by using an EMP Grenade from the Mystery Box. Defeating him without being damaged will unlock the You Have No Power Over Me achievement / trophy. Another less easy way to kill Him is to use the Galvaknuckles which can beat him but only after quite a few hits.

Can you finish Tranzit?

Where do you find Tranzit in Steam community?

In the garage by Diner (in the room with the car) on top of a shelf. It must be picked up while jumping. It can also be found in Nacht der Untoten. In Town between the dumpster and Mystery Box spawn, or in Farm, inside the house next to Fridge, or behind the Bus Depot.

How do you turn off the bus In Tranzit?

Once the bus is in motion, zombies will not be able to enter through the Bus doors. While on the bus the player will not be attacked by denizens, at the sacrifice of limited maneuverability while inside of it and the many entrance ways for the zombies. The bus can be turned off by the avogadro and EMP Grenades.

Where do you find the turbine in Tranzit?

Turbine – Parts: Dress-maker’s doll, leaning on the map; model plane tail near/under the payphones; and a fan blade on the seats next to the door that requires power from the Turbine. Navcard – Located to the left of the bus station, behind the barrier-underground entrance and in front of a dumpster.

How do you get to the bank in Tranzit?

Make a crawler inside the power station building close to the Electric Trap table, place the turbine at the door with the lightning bolt, and either run to the bank or take the bus. The player must then get to the bank as fast as possible.

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