Where does it all begin Lego City Undercover?

Where does it all begin Lego City Undercover?

Where it all begins… This is the wiki for the LEGO City Undercover Series of games that anyone can edit. The LEGO City Undercover games are sandbox-style action adventure games set in LEGO City. They follow the adventures of policeman Chase McCain as he tracks down criminal Rex Fury and puts an end to a crime-wave.

Who is Chase McCain in Lego City Undercover?

In LEGO® CITY Undercover, play as Chase McCain, a police officer who’s been tasked with going undercover to hunt down the notorious – and recently escaped – criminal Rex Fury and putting an end to his city-wide crime wave.

How does special assignment work in Lego City Undercover?

The Special Assignment sections will be divided into two sections, one which detail completing the mission and getting all collectibles with the given disguises at the time of completion, and the other will detail all collectibles obtainable in the mission, which may require you to replay the mission after completion of the story.

Is the PS4 version of Lego City Undercover remastered?

The following is the first episode of Lego City Undercover Remastered on the PS4. The Game used to be a Wii U exclusive but today has been released on the PS4, Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch. Hey Thanks for watching! but if you want to show some support for the channel leave a like 🙂 📦 Check Out The Lego City Playlist For More Videos! –

How to switch color gun in Lego City Undercover?

Climb up and switch the Robber’s color gun to green. Hop down and run to the other side of Uptown to the toy store. Shoot the color target on the left and ride the rocket up. Use the Astronaut teleporter on the railing to reach the brick. Gaining it means you’ll never have to worry about switching colors in your Robber’s color gun.

Where do you get unlimited dynamite in Lego City Undercover?

Unlimited Dynamite – During this Special Assignment, play through the stage until the very end, then use the Farmer disguise to float over to the platforms on the left. Run up the Donkey Kong-inspired ledges to reach the red brick, which will bestow you with Unlimited Dynamite while in the open world portion of the game.

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