Where is and Other Stories located?

Founded in 2010 by a small group of creatives, & Other Stories grew from the aspiration to offer women freedom of expression through one brand. We love to share uplifting stories and invite you to discover diverse collections from our design ateliers in Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles.

IS & Other Stories owned by H&M?

The H&M group includes eight clearly defined brands – H&M, COS, Monki, Weekday, & Other Stories, Cheap Monday, H&M Home and ARKET. Together our brands offer customers a wealth of styles and trends in fashion, beauty, accessories and homewares – as well as experiences that now also include modern, healthy food.

How many stores does & Other Stories have?

Successfully launched in 2013, & Other Stories is present with 75 stores in 22 markets in Europe, the US and Asia.

IS & Other Stories a Swedish brand?

The Swedish brand, which is owned by H&M, describe itself as a ‘one-stop styling destination filled with collections from three design ateliers in Stockholm, Los Angeles and Paris. ‘ After being founded as a beauty brand in 2010, the team behind the brand quickly expanded into clothing, shoes and jewellery too.

How do Other Stories fit?

Note that the fit comes up a little loose, so size down if you’re petite or want a slimmer fit. Style Notes: I don’t usually think knitted dresses (particularly of the tight variety) are the most flattering trend around, but this Stories style is the exception.

Where do & Other Stories make their clothes?

They have their own offices and atelier in Stockholm, as well as a second atelier in Paris. The design team is & Other Stories’s own, not shared with their parent company, and they design literally everything in-house, from the clothes to the candles to the shopping bags to the store furniture.

Does Madonna own H&M?

American entertainer Madonna has produced five fashion brands, beginning with a clothing range for fashion store H&M in March 2007. Prior to creating her own fashion lines, in 1985 at the height of Madonna’s fame, Macy’s department store created a section called Madonnaland in New York.

What does H & M mean?

Hennes & Mauritz
H&M’s story begins when founder Erling Persson opens the first store in Västerås, Sweden, selling women’s clothing. The store is called Hennes. The name is changed to Hennes & Mauritz when Erling Persson buys the hunting and fishing store Mauritz Widforss in Stockholm, including a stock of men’s clothing.

IS and Other Stories high end?

More than ever, it feels as though & Other Stories is on the money with their design offering, tapping into the public’s demand for greater longevity from their fashion with minimalist, clean-lined buys that will not only survive the seasons but also feel premium thanks to their weighty fabrics and high-end finishes.

IS & Other Stories a good brand?

However, at least it’s more transparent than a lot of other big brands out there: it publishes detailed information about its suppliers and supply chain policies, and received a decent score of 71-80% in the Fashion Transparency Index.

IS & Other Stories expensive?

It’s also reasonably priced. Price points hover around $75 for ready-to-wear, and caps off at $500 for their irresistible leather jackets. But it’s the brand’s unique, conceptual approach to design that sets them apart.

IS &Other Stories fast fashion?

Environmental Impact The first and most important thing to know when thinking about the sustainability of & Other Stories is that it is owned by H&M. But here’s the kicker: like parent-company H&M, it’s a fast fashion brand. This means on-trend styles and too-regular new arrivals.

Where can I find and other stories collections?

& Other Stories is a one-stop styling destination filled with collections from three design ateliers in Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles. & Other Stories is committed to accessibility. If you are using assistive technologies like a screen reader or magnifier and are experiencing difficulties accessing this website,…

Where are the Stockholm and Los Angeles collections?

Our Stockholm designs reveal a contemporary take of the pragmatic Scandinavian soul. Our Los Angeles collections capture the California girl’s confidence, creativity and way of life. Our designs from Paris reinvent the romantic essence of the iconic French girl.

Where are the designers of and other stories?

& Other Stories is a one-stop styling destination filled with collections from three design ateliers in Paris, Stockholm and Los Angeles. © & Other Stories.

How to use the store locator and other stories?

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