Where is Finnebrogue based?

Our Location – Finnebrogue Artisan. A family-owned business based in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, we have made our name producing premium sausage, venison, bacon, ham, wagyu beef and vegetarian products.

Who owns Finnebrogue artisan?

chairman Denis Lynn
Tributes have been paid to Finnebrogue Artisan founder & chairman Denis Lynn following the announcement of his sudden death. Lynn died in a quad bike accident at his Northern Ireland home on Sunday evening (2 May). The 63-year-old is survived by wife Christine and four daughters.

Are Finnebrogue pigs free range?

With their farming partners, Karro supply pork from a variety of production systems including Indoor & Outdoor Bred, Outdoor Reared, RSPCA Approved and Free Range.

What does Finnebrogue mean?

Finnebrogue is reputedly, but quite improbably, the oldest inhabited house in Northern Ireland. The estate, bordered by the Quoile River and Strangford Lough, also included the ruins of the 12th-century Cistercian Abbey of Inch.

Is Finnebrogue bacon free range?

It is cured using a blend of Mediterranean fruit and spice extracts to give the pork its characteristic pink colouring, add flavour and match the shelf life of traditionally produced bacon and ham. …

Is Finnebrogue vegan?

A family owned business, Finnebrogue has been producing vegetarian and vegan products for three years, but the opening of a brand new factory marks a significant up-scaling of the firm’s meat-free production.

Is Finnebrogue bacon vegan?

According to Finnebrogue chairman Denis Lynn, the vegan bacon is ‘ood for our customers and good for the planet’. “There really is nothing like the taste and smell of proper bacon – but these delicious rashers are [meat-free] so absolutely everyone can be part of that special bacon-eating experience.

Are pig cages used in UK?

Despite a petition which aimed to outlaw their use, farrowing crates are still legal in the UK. Today approximately 58% of UK sows are kept in farrowing crates around the time of giving birth. None of these is on RSPCA Assured farms as farrowing crates are strictly prohibited.

Can pigs free-range?

Some of today’s better-known hog breeds raised through free-range pig farming include the distinctive-looking Hampshire pig, which is black with a white “belt” near the front legs; the mostly black Berkshire, which is known for lean carcasses; and the droopy-eared Black Poland, which has a reputation for hardiness and …

Can you walk around Finnebrogue Woods?

The walks primarily take place in Finnebrogue Woods, near Downpatrick, Northern Ireland and they aim to be approx. 5km in distance. The Finnebrogue walk meets at 10.30am and finishes at approximately 12.30/1pm.

Do Tesco sausages contain nitrates?

Sausages given the all-clear included bangers from Tesco Finest, Asda Extra Special, Heck and Rankin selection. And the scientists, based at Queen’s University in Belfast, found 97% of 117 brands contained no nitrates or nitrites.

Is Naked bacon processed meat?

The Northern Irish food manufacturer Finnebrogue claims its Naked Bacon contains no nitrites – salts from chemical or natural sources added as a preservative, anti-microbial agent and colour fixative. The World Health Organization concluded in 2015 that processed meat, including bacon, is carcinogenic.

Where is the Finnebrogue artisan plant in Downpatrick?

Finnebrogue Artisan, which is based in Downpatrick, is investing £25m as it enters the plant-based food market, which will take the company’s head count to 1,200 by the end of 2021. The new plant will be Finnebrogue’s fourth new factory in five years.

Where is Finnebrogue artisan sausages in Northern Ireland?

A family-owned business based in Downpatrick, Northern Ireland, we have made our name producing premium sausage, venison, bacon, ham, wagyu beef and vegetarian products.

Who is current owner of Finnebrogue House in Downpatrick?

For the past number of years, extensive renovations have not only restored the manor to its former glory but added more than a touch of 21st century comfort. I meet with current owner and the man responsible for the transformation, Noel Lamb.

Where did the name Finnebrogue estate come from?

Bordered by the River Quoile and Strangford Lough, Finnebrogue estate has a long and interesting history. Its earliest occupants, the Maxwell family, are equally intriguing. Some historians have suggested that the name goes back to the eighth century.

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