Where is Tongai Moyo House?

Where is Tongai Moyo House?

Not even a house. After more than a decade in the music industry and about 14 albums under his belt, the Utakataka Express frontman is still living in a rented house in Msasa, Kwekwe.

How old is tongai Obert Moyo?

Tongai Moyo
Died 15 October 2011 (aged 43)
Genres Sungura
Occupation(s) Singer-songwriter, dancer, choreographer
Instruments Lead vocals, guitar

Is Peter Dhewa Moyo married?

Dhewa left behind wife, Miniehle Mukweli, and six children — Natasha, Nicole, Obert (Tongai Jnr), Tanaka, Nyasha and Peter.

Where was Peter Moyo born?

Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Peter Moyo/Place of birth

What killed Tongai Moyo?

October 15, 2011
Tongai Moyo/Date of death

Is Tongai Moyo still alive?

Deceased (1968–2011)
Tongai Moyo/Living or Deceased

Is Peter Moyo a Zimbabwean?

Peter “Rio” Moyo (born 8 May 1988) is a Zimbabwean professional footballer, who plays as a midfielder for Harare City.

When was Peter Moyo born?

July 8, 1988 (age 33 years)
Peter Moyo/Date of birth

How old is Aliche?

53 years (June 10, 1968)
Alick Macheso/Age

When was Peter Moyo dhewa born?

8 July 1988
Peter Moyo

Personal information
Date of birth 8 July 1988
Place of birth Bulawayo, Zimbabwe
Position(s) Midfielder
Club information

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