Where should I stay to visit Uluru?

Where should I stay to visit Uluru?

  • Desert Gardens Hotel.
  • Emu Walk Apartments.
  • Longitude 131.
  • The Lost Camel.
  • Outback Pioneer Hotel & Lodge.
  • Sails in the Desert.
  • Ayers Rock Campground.
  • Curtin Springs Wayside Inn.

What is the best month to visit Uluru?

The best time to come is between May and September, when the maximum temperature during the day is usually between 20°C and 30°C. The cool weather means it is safer and much more pleasant to walk, and there is very little rain.

How many days do you need in Uluru?

three days
Given the wide variety of activities on offer, we recommend staying at least three days to give yourself time to explore, learn, go on some adventures and take your time to understand this special place. But don’t worry if you’re only here for a short visit.

How much does it cost to tour Uluru?

Important COVID-19 update – Visitor restrictions apply

For each:
Adult (18 years and over) $38.00 for 3 days
$50.00 annual pass

Why is Uluru so expensive?

In fact, it’s the most expensive destination in Australia and the third-most expensive in the world. The reason for this is largely due to the fact that the Ayers Rock Resort — which really consists of four hotels — has a monopoly on all the rooms, restaurants, and shops in the area.

How do I see Uluru on a budget?

Therefore the Answer to How to Visit Uluru as Cheaply as Possible is….

  1. Drive to the Red Centre, base yourself at Yulara and stay at the Ayers Rock Campground.
  2. Spend 3 days at Uluru, seeing as much as possible, enjoying all the FREE activities and getting the best value from your park pass.

How far is Kings Canyon from Uluru?

300 km
About Kings Canyon. Watarrka National Park and Kings Canyon is 300 km from Uluru, almost four hours by car. Visiting Kings Canyon can be done as a day trip from Uluru, but it will be a very long day.

Can you walk around Uluru for free?

Take a walk around Uluru On the free Mala Walk along Uluru’s base (2km return), rangers tell the story of the mala (rufous hare-wallaby) people. You’ll see all of Uluru’s natural and cultural beauty on the full base walk, a 10.6km loop of the monolith.

Can I sleep in my car at Uluru?

You cannot sleep in your car in the park under any circumstances. You will have to pay the cheapest accommodation as what you state is $50 a day. You cannot expect to rent a car and sleep in it and then use the bathroom, showering and washing facilities at the camp ground free of charge.

Is Uluru worth the money?

Uluru is worth the trip, It is different from the Zion in Utah. The Mojave is more ‘interesting’ than the surrounds around Uluru. The Uluru is almost right in the middle of a large continent and you get a strange spiritual spirit when you get there. It may be magnetism or just being on an old ancient land.

Can you do Uluru without a tour?

You can walk around by yourself, ie you don’t have to go on a tour, but walking around is of little use if you can’t get there. In other words the missing part of your equation is the transport from Yulara to Uluru itself. Uluru Express might be your friend here.

Where to stay in Uluru for 3 nights?

3 nights Ayers Rock Resort in Choice of Accommodation (refer below) This Sunrise tour includes an escorted walk through Kata Tjuta on the Valley of the Winds walk. (NB: Prior to 1st Apr this tour is replaced by Kata Tjuta Sunrise & Walpa Gorge) Understand the natural & cultural significance of Uluru on this complete base tour.

How to get to Ayers Rock from Uluru?

Departs: Daily 30 minutes prior to sunset from Ayers Rock Resort Returns: Approximately 1.5 hours after sunset to Ayers Rock Resort. Inclusions: Accommodation, Coach Transfer to Hotel, Field of Light Star Pass, National Park Entry Pass for duration of package.

Where to see the rock art in Uluru?

See red rock domes contrast with green plant life and bright blue skies on a Valley of the Winds hike or opt for a family-friendly route to Walpa Gorge. Uluru holiday packages offer a true insight into the Aboriginal culture with intricate rock art at Mutitjulu Waterhole and unsurpassable sunsets.

Which is the best tour company for Uluru?

“This is a great quick trip that hits the highlights of the Red Centre. While Uluru…” This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees. This operator allows you to rebook your dates or tours with them for free, waiving change fees.

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