Where was Paphlagonia located in the Black Sea?

Where was Paphlagonia located in the Black Sea?

Paphlagonia ( /ˌpæfləˈɡoʊniə/; Ancient Greek: Παφλαγονία, Paphlagonía, modern pronunciation Paflagonía; Turkish: Paflagonya) was an ancient area on the Black Sea coast of north central Anatolia, situated between Bithynia to the west and Pontus to the east, and separated from Phrygia (later,…

What did Paphlagonia stand for in Ancient Greek?

Paphlagonia ( / ˌpæfləˈɡoʊniə /; Ancient Greek: Παφλαγονία, Paphlagonía, modern translit.

How are the people of Paphlagonia related to Cappadocia?

It seems perhaps that they were related to the people of the adjoining country, Cappadocia, who were speakers of one of the Anatolian branch of the Indo-European languages. Their language would appear, from Strabo’s testimony, to have been distinctive.

What kind of trees are found in Paphlagonia?

The greater part of Paphlagonia is a rugged mountainous country, but it contains fertile valleys and produces a great abundance of hazelnuts and fruit – particularly plums, cherries and pears. The mountains are clothed with dense forests, conspicuous for the quantity of boxwood that they furnish.

When did Paphlagonia become part of the Bucellarian Theme?

Paphlagonia reappeared as a separate province in the 5th century AD ( Hierocles, Synecdemus c. 33). In the 7th century it became part of the theme of Opsikion, and later of the Bucellarian Theme, before being split off c. 820 to form a separate province once again.

Which is the most important city in Paphlagonia?

Amastris, a few miles east of the Parthenius river, became important under the rule of the Macedonian monarchs; while Amisus, a colony of Sinope situated a short distance east of the Halys river (and therefore not strictly in Paphlagonia as defined by Strabo), grew to become almost a rival of its parent city.

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