Which is a famous contribution by Charles Lamb?

The Old Familiar Faces (1789) remains his best-known poem, although On an Infant Dying As Soon As It Was Born (1828) is his finest poetic achievement. In 1807 Lamb and his sister published Tales from Shakespear, a retelling of the plays for children, and in 1809 they published Mrs.

Who called Charles Lamb the prince of English essay?

Charles LambBorn10 February 1775 Inner Temple, London, EnglandDied27 December 1834 (aged 59) Edmonton, London, EnglandOther namesEliaKnown forEssays of Elia Tales from Shakespeare2

What is the name of the play that Charles Lamb the great essayist wrote?

Essays of Elia

Who wrote essay of Elia?

Charles Lamb

How did Lamb’s mother died?

Born into a poor family, Mary Lamb received little formal education. From an early age she helped support the family by doing needlework. Her mother was an invalid, and for many years she was entirely dependent on Mary’s care. On Septem, in a fit of madness, Mary stabbed and killed her mother.5 days ago

Who is father of English essay?

Francis Bacon was the pioneer of essay writing in English literature. He wrote when society was dupicted by drama and poetry. He was the first one , who evolve the prose in English Literature.

What is the origin of prose?

Prose was understood in antiquity rather as the complement of verse, which long predated it as a kind of marked speech. Yet prose first appeared in ancient Greece in the rarified form of an art—rhetoric—complementary to the art of poetry.

Who is the father of Indian English literature?

Mulk Raj Anand

What is the most famous Indian literature?

The most famous works in Sanskrit are the Hindu holy texts like the Vedas, Upanishads, and Manusmriti. Another popular literature, Tamil literature has a rich literary tradition spanning over 2000 years, and is particularly known for its poetic nature in the form of epics, and philosophical and secular works.

Who is the first citizens of India?

According to Article 5, all the people that were resident in India at the commencement of the Constitution were citizens of India as well as people born in India. The President of India is termed the First Citizen of India.

Who is the great person in India?

List of the 60 greatest IndiansAmartya Sen — Global IndianMulk Raj Anand — Free radicalHomi Bhabha — Nuclear maharajaS. Radhakrishnan — Guiding lightIndira Gandhi — Triumph of willSachin Tendulkar — Beyond the boundaryJ.C. Bose — Ahead of the curveSam Manekshaw — Warrior king26 •

Who is the god of Indian cinema?


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