Which province does Northern Cape fall under?

Which province does Northern Cape fall under?

The Northern Cape (Afrikaans: Noord-Kaap; Tswana: Kapa Bokone) is the largest and most sparsely populated province of South Africa. It was created in 1994 when the Cape Province was split up….Northern Cape.

Northern Cape Noord-Kaap (Afrikaans) Kapa Bokone (Tswana)
Website www.northern-cape.gov.za

Who is the Minister of Northern Cape?

The Premier of the Northern Cape is the head of government of the Northern Cape province of South Africa. The current Premier of the Northern Cape is Zamani Saul, a member of the African National Congress, who was elected in the 2019 election. He took office on 22 May 2019.

How many regions are in Northern Cape?

The Northern Cape is divided into five district municipalities and further subdivided into 26 local municipalities.

What is the capital of Northern Cape?

Northern Cape

Capital Kimberley
Principal languages Afrikaans
Population 1 292 786
Share of total population 2,2%

Is Northern Cape Rich?

The Northern Cape is rich in minerals, with the country’s major diamond pipes found in the Kimberley district. Mining giants such as Mittal Steel, Samancor, Gold Fields, PPC Lime, Alpha and Assmang operate in the Northern Cape. The region also supplies most of the country’s iron ore production.

Does Northern Cape have a beach?

For those unfamiliar with the province, the Northern Cape has four beaches: Hondeklipbaai, about 530km from Cape Town, is situated in the Namakwa district and lies about 95km south-west of Springbok.

Who is Dr Zamani Saul?

Zamani Saul (born 7 March 1972) is a South African politician who is the 5th and current Premier of the Northern Cape and a Member of the Northern Cape Provincial Legislature. He has also been serving as the Provincial Chairperson of the African National Congress (ANC) since his election on 12 May 2017.

Which cities are found in the Northern Cape?

Diamond Fields

  • Barkly West.
  • Campbell.
  • Delportshoop.
  • Douglas.
  • Griquatown.
  • Hartswater.
  • Jan Kempdorp.
  • Kimberley.

What is the richest province?

The Richest Provinces and Territories of Canada

Rank Province or Territory GDP (Millions of CAD)
1 Ontario 763,276
2 Quebec 380,972
3 Alberta 326,433
4 British Columbia 249,981

Why is Limpopo the poorest province?

The table also shows that the Limpopo province and the Eastern Cape are the poorest regions in the country. Economic and social development in the province generally lags behind those in the rest of the country. Due to the weak economic development in the province, the unemployment rate is very high.


Who is the Premier of the Northern Cape?

The Premier of the Northern Cape, Dr Zamani Saul, together with the MEC for Education, Mr Zolile Monakali, will brief the media on the Provincial stat… In light of the persistent veld fires which continue to destroy some parts of the Province, especially in the Frances Baard District, the Premier Dr Z…

Who is the Deputy Minister of basic education in Northern Cape?

The Deputy Minister of Basic Education, Dr Reginah Mhauleand Northern Cape MEC for Education, Mr Zolile Monakaliwill from Tomorrow, Our vision of the creation of a Modern, Growing and Successful Northern Cape is one that can not be achieved by Government alone but by working togeth…

What is the GDP of the Northern Cape?

The anticipated provincial growth will maintain the status quo, of the Northern Cape being the least contributor to the National GDP, with an expected contribution of about 2.24%.

When does Northern Cape 2022 admission season start?

The Northern Cape 2022 Learner Admission season will commence on June 1 at 9:00 and close on 30 June 2021 at 24:00 for all public ordinary schools in the province. The Northern Cape Department of Education is convinced that this will be… The year 2020 was a very shocking year for us all.

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