Who are the Kimball family?

The seven best-known Wombles appear throughout most of the books and TV programmes:

  • Great Uncle Bulgaria (old and wise – his full name is Bulgaria Coburg Womble)
  • Tobermory (handyman)
  • Madame Cholet (chef)
  • Orinoco (lazy and greedy)
  • Wellington (clever and shy)
  • Tomsk (sporty and strong)
  • Bungo (bossy and excitable)

Is Kimball a male name?

The name Kimball is a boy’s name of Welsh origin meaning “warrior chief”.

What does the name Kimbell mean?

war leader
Meaning:war leader. Kimbell as a boy’s name is of Celtic origin meaning “war leader”.

Where does the last name Kimble come from?

Kimble Name Meaning English: habitational name from Great or Little Kimble in Buckinghamshire, named in Old English as ‘the royal bell’ (cynebelle), referring to the shape of a local hill. Americanized spelling of German Gimbel (see Gimble) or Kimbel.

Is Kimball a common name?

Kimball (variants: Kembal, Kembel, Kembell, Kemble, Kembold, Kembolde, Kemple, Kimbal, Kimball, Kimbel, Campbell, Kimble) is a relatively common English language surname – it is also a given name, although relatively rare.

Is Kimball a Scottish name?

The name Kimball has a rich and ancient history. It is an Anglo-Saxon name that was originally derived from beside a water pipe in various villages throughout England. The surname Kimball may also derive from the word piper.

What ethnicity is the name Kimball?

What does Elon mean?

oak tree
Elon (אֵילוֹן in Hebrew), is a masculine first name, or Jewish surname, which means “oak tree” in the Hebrew language. Variants of the name include Alon, Eilan, Eilon, and Elan; it can also be a variant spelling of Ilan and Ilon, of the similar meaning “tree”.

How many people have the name Kimble?

How Common Is The Last Name Kimble? It is the 22,849th most widespread surname on earth. It is borne by approximately 1 in 306,767 people. The surname is primarily found in The Americas, where 84 percent of Kimble live; 84 percent live in North America and 84 percent live in Anglo-North America.

Is Kimball a German name?

What does Elon mean in Greek?

Elon. as a name for girls (also used more commonly as boys’ name Elon) has its root in Greek, and the name Elon means “sun ray”. Elon is an alternate form of Ellen (Greek): originally a variation of Helen.

What are the different meanings of the name Kimball?

The different meanings of the name Kimball are: 1 American meaning: Warrior chief 2 English meaning: Leader of the warriors 3 Celtic – Gaelic meaning: Warrior chief

Who are the members of the Kimball family?

Some of the first settlers of this family name were: Thomas “Toby” Kimball (1942-2017), American professional basketball player who played from 1965 to 1975 Edward Lawrence Kimball (1930-2016), American scholar, lawyer, and historian, emeritus law professor at Brigham Young University (BYU)

Where did the Kimball family settle in the United States?

Kimball Settlers in United States in the 19th Century. John and George Kimball, who settled in New York in 1823. James and John Kimball both arrived at San Francisco in 1850. Thomas E Kimball, who landed in San Francisco, California in 1850.

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