Who did Jay McGuiness win Strictly with?

Who did Jay McGuiness win Strictly with?

dancer Aliona Vilani
He was partnered with professional dancer Aliona Vilani, and after performing the Jive in Movies Week, it looked like his destiny as the winner of series 13 was set in stone.

What show is Jay McGuiness doing now?

Jay, who is currently rehearsing for the West End production of Sleepless: A Musical Romance, will play the character of Sam alongside former Girls Aloud’s Kimberley Walsh. The TV star revealed he and Kimberley and the whole cast will be tested for coronavirus every day after their performances.

Does Jay McGuiness still dance?

Newark, Nottinghamshire, England. James “Jay” McGuiness (born 24 July 1990) is a British singer and songwriter, best known as a vocalist with boy band The Wanted….Strictly Come Dancing.

Dance/Song Paso Doble / “It’s My Life”
Judges’ scores 10
Total 39
Result Winner

Did Jay and Aliona win Strictly?

That was all to change, in 2015 Aliona and partner Jay McGuiness became the 13th Champions to lift the Glitterball Trophy after a thrilling Final in the Strictly Ballroom.

Was Jay McGuiness in a girl band?

The WantedSince 2009
Jay McGuiness/Music groups

Does Jay McGuiness have a partner?

Singer Jay McGuiness and pro partner Aliona Vilani became the 13th champions to lift Strictly Come Dancing’s Glitterball Trophy in 2015.

What car does Jay Mcguinness drive?

Jay has shared his love of cars before and owns an Enzo Ferrari.

Has Jay McGuiness been in a girl band?

Did Jay and Aliona get together?

Lorraine: Jay McGuiness on why Aliona Vilani left Strictly The Wanted singer previously shut the speculation down, claiming they were “just friends” while Aliona is happily married.

What happened Aliona Vilani?

Aliona Vilani is a Kazakhstan-born professional dancer. After 7 years on Strictly Come Dancing, Aliona quit the show in 2015, just days after winning series 13 with dance partner Jay McGuiness.

How old is McGuiness?

31 years (July 24, 1990)
Jay McGuiness/Age

Who did the best jive on Strictly?

To this day Jill holds the highest score for a Jive in Strictly history, scoring 40 points from the judges. At the time Jill was appearing as Kate in EastEnders but had been a well-known face on British TV since her appearance on children’s TV show Byker Grove.

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