Who had the most goals in 2014 World Cup?

Who had the most goals in 2014 World Cup?


  • Lionel Messi.
  • Neymar.
  • Robin van Persie.

Who scored the most goals in 2014?

FIFA World Cup 2014 Top Goalscorers

  1. 1 goal (84 players) Xabi Alonso (Spain)
  2. 2 goals (19 players) Andre Ayew (Ghana)
  3. 3 goals (5 players) Karim Benzema (France)
  4. 4 goals (3 players) Lionel Messi (Argentina) Neymar (Brazil)
  5. 5 goals (1 player) Thomas Muller (Germany)
  6. 6 goals (1 player) James Rodriguez (Colombia)

How many goals did Lionel Messi scored in World Cup tournament of 2014?

The 24-year-old attacking midfielder took his overall World Cup goals tally to 10 after netting five times in Brazil – and also set up three goals. Meanwhile, Netherlands winger Arjen Robben took the Bronze Ball after playing a key role in Netherlands’ third-place finish with three goals and one assist.

Who won the most World Cups?

The 21 World Cup tournaments have been won by eight national teams. Brazil have won five times, and they are the only team to have played in every tournament….FIFA World Cup.

FIFA World Cup Trophy
Founded 1930
Number of teams 32 (finals)
Current champions France (2nd title)
Most successful team(s) Brazil (5 titles)

Who scored in the World Cup 2014?

World Cup 2014 Player Statistics

Player Player Goals
1 Lionel MessiArgentina, 34, AM(CR),FW Lionel Messi Argentina, 34, AM(CR),FW 4
2 James RodríguezColombia, 30, AM(CLR),FW James Rodríguez Colombia, 30, AM(CLR),FW 6
3 Arjen RobbenNetherlands, 37, M(CLR),FW Arjen Robben Netherlands, 37, M(CLR),FW 3

Who won the Golden Boot 2013?

Luis Suarez
Winners of the Golden Boot

Season Player Club
2011/12 Robin van Persie ARS
2012/13 Robin van Persie MUN
2013/14 Luis Suarez LIV
2014/15 Sergio Aguero MCI

Who scored the most goals in 2013?

Cristiano Ronaldo
1. Cristiano Ronaldo. In terms of goalscoring, one man has stood head and shoulders above everyone else in 2013: Cristiano Ronaldo.

Why did Brazil lost to Germany?

According to reports, after Germany had scored their seventh goal, Neymar, who was watching the match on television, switched off his set and went to play poker. Brazil manager Luiz Felipe Scolari said the result was the “worst loss by a Brazilian national team ever” and accepted all responsibility for the defeat.

Who scored the most goal in World Cup?

Miroslav Klose
Overall top goalscorers

Rank Player Goals scored
1 Miroslav Klose 16
2 Ronaldo 15
3 Gerd Müller 14
4 Just Fontaine 13

Where was the final of the 2014 World Cup held?

2014 FIFA World Cup Final From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The 2014 FIFA World Cup Final was a football match that took place on 13 July 2014 at the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to determine the 2014 FIFA World Cup champion.

How many goals did Germany score in the 2014 World Cup?

In these games, both teams had scored a total of 28 goals. Six of these matches were at a World Cup, two of them in the final. The 2014 final was the seventh World Cup match between them, equalling a tournament record for meetings between two teams (along with Brazil vs Sweden, and Germany vs Yugoslavia).

What was the official soccer ball for the 2014 World Cup?

The water-based spray, which disappears within minutes of application, can be used to mark a ten-yard line for the defending team during a free kick and also to draw where the ball is to be placed for a free kick. The Adidas Brazuca was the official match ball of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and was supplied by Forward Sports of Sialkot, Pakistan.

How many goals did Argentina score in the World Cup Final?

According to FIFA, 1.013 billion individuals globally watched the final match of this tournament. The two teams had met in 20 previous matches, with nine wins for Argentina, six wins for Germany and five draws. In these games, both teams had scored a total of 28 goals. Six of these matches were at a World Cup, two of them in the final.

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