Who is Roger dating now?

Who is Roger Mathews’ new girlfriend Danielle Miele? Miele is Mathews current girlfriend. Mathews allegedly met the hairdresser in May 2019 at a concert.

Who is Roger new girlfriend?

Danielle Miele
But who is Roger Mathews’ new girlfriend? In January, TMZ reported that Roger had officially gotten back into the dating scene and that he was dating someone by the name of Danielle Miele. Danielle is a hairdresser who is as far from the reality TV scene as she can be.

Who is Danielle Miele?

Danielle Miele is a hairdresser. In fact, it seems like MIele’s career is so important to her that she has her own hairstyling Instagram account, where she posts photos of her clients and the styles she’s done on them.

How old is JWoww boyfriend Roger?

Roger Mathews
Gender Male
Born June 1, 1975 (41 years old)
Relationships Jenni Farley (Wife/Baby Mama)

Who is Jen Farley dating?

Zack Clayton Carpinello
Jenni “JWoww” Farley announced she’s engaged to her longtime boyfriend Zack Clayton Carpinello on Tuesday. The “Jersey Shore” star posted a photo from last month of the sweet proposal. “On 2.27 I said yes on top of the Empire State Building,” she wrote, with a few heart emoji for good measure.

Are Roger and Danielle still together?

Roger Mathews Confirms He Is ‘Happily Dating’ Hairdresser Danielle Miele After Jenni ‘JWoww’ Farley Divorce.

Are Snooki and JWoww still friends?

Because, even though Snooki left the show following co-star Angelina Pivarnick’s disastrous wedding, she and JWoww are still going strong off-camera. In fact, their friendship might even be flourishing because the pressure of the cameras is no longer around them.

What happened to Danielle Pauly D?

Danielle’s portrayal on the show is inaccurate, according to Miriam, and is ultimately what sent her life “into a tailspin.” After the show aired, Miriam says Danielle left New Jersey to live in Israel. According to a field producer from the first two seasons of Jersey Shore, Danielle and DJ Pauly D had a history.

Did Roger and Danielle break up?

The wrestler, 25, has been friends with the family for years, and even attended Farley and Mathews’ 2015 wedding. The MTV personality and Carpinello briefly split in October 2019 after he was caught flirting with her costar Angelina Pivarnick, but they have since reconciled their romance.

How much older is JWoww than her fiance?

Who Is JWoww Dating? He’s 20 Years Younger Than Her Ex!

Are JWoww and 24 still together 2020?

Seeing what took place for the first time, Jenni was heartbroken. This resulted in the couple splitting; however, they reunited later that month. The two have been together since they reunited to work out their differences in 2019.

Are Zach and Jenny still together?

The two have been together since they reunited to work out their differences in 2019. After the issues that took place between Zack, Angelina and Jenni, Zack steered away from being featured on the show.

Does Aaron Rodgers have a wife or girlfriend?

Rodgers does not have a wife or kids and has never been married but he has been involved in a couple of high-profile relationships during his NFL career. Most recently, he and former NASCAR driver Danica Patrick shared a multi-year romance.

Who is Aaron Rodgers new girlfriend?

Kelly Rohrbach is the new sexy girlfriend of NFL star, Aaron Rodgers.

Who is Graham Rogers girlfriend?

The actor is in all smiles to have Virginia, and their recent image is evident to that. Graham Rogers and his girlfriend, Virginia Gardener, during their vacation in Chicago on 6 August 2017 (Photo: Instagram) Graham is also known for dating Pretty Little Liars actress Lucy.

Who is Aaron Rodgers currently dating?

Getty Aaron Rodgers with girlfriend Danica Patrick at the 2018 ESPYs. What started as two athletes exchanging email addresses has blossomed into a romantic relationship as Aaron Rodgers and Danica Patrick are officially dating.

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