Who is the father of Praybeyt Benjamin?

Who is the father of Praybeyt Benjamin?

Benjamin Santos VII
His father, Benjamin Santos VII (Jimmy Santos), gives being a military soldier to be what he wants to be, a scientist and an inventor.

What is the plot of Praybeyt Benjamin?

When civil war breaks out in the Philippines, a gay dance teacher (Vice Ganda) is forced to join the military in order to spare his ailing father.
Private Benjamin/Film synopsis

Who is the Director of Private Benjamin?

Wenn V. Deramas
Private Benjamin/Directors

What kind of movie is the amazing Private Benjamin?

The Amazing Praybeyt Benjamin/Genres

How does Private Benjamin end?

Watch Goldie Hawn and Eileen Brennan in ‘Private Benjamin’ In the final scene, Benjamin leaves Henri at the altar and strolls off through the French countryside in her wedding dress, presumably to find a better and more independent life than she’s ever imagined possible.

When was Private Benjamin?

Bob Carroll, Jr. Bob Carroll, Jr. Private Benjamin is an American sitcom television series based on and set during the events of the 1980 movie of the same name that aired on CBS from April 6, 1981, to January 10, 1983.

What is the genre of the amazing Praybeyt Benjamin?

Who is streaming Private Benjamin?

Watch Private Benjamin | Prime Video.

Who started in Private Benjamin?

Private Benjamin (TV series)

Private Benjamin
Starring Lorna Patterson Eileen Brennan Wendie Jo Sperber Hal Williams
Theme music composer Bob Carroll, Jr. Madelyn Davis
Opening theme “Judy’s Theme”
Composers Barry De Vorzon Dennis McCarthy George Tipton

How long is Private Benjamin?

1h 50m
Private Benjamin/Running time

What happens at the end of Private Benjamin?

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