Who is the voice of PC Principal in South Park?

Who is the voice of PC Principal in South Park?

Trey Parker is the voice of PC Principal in South Park.

What happened to PC Principal in South Park?

His suicide attempt failed but resulted in injuries that appear in every episode in Season 19.

What does PC Principal mean in South Park?

“PC” stands for “political correctness,” right?

Is Stan’s voice different on South Park?

They would reuse these voices when South Park debuted. While originally voicing Stan without any computer manipulation, Parker now speaks within his normal vocal range while adding a childlike inflection.

Why Principal Victoria was fired?

In “Stunning and Brave”, it was announced that she was fired from South Park Elementary due to an incident where a student referred to rape as a “Hot Cosby” and got replaced with PC Principal. In “Sponsored Content”, she reveals she was replaced and the “Hot Cosby” was made up to get her fired.

Is PC Principal a bad guy?

Type of Villain Peter Charles, more commonly referred to as PC Principal, is a major antagonist in South Park. He serves as the central antagonist turned major protagonist in Season 19 and continued to serve as a supporting protagonist throughout the rest of the series.

Why did Leslie release PC Principal?

“Tweek x Craig” – Shown in the gym, this time she stopped chatting after, but still called out by PC Principal during an assembly due to the fact that she was sitting next to her friend.

What is PC Principal real name?

Ρeter Charles
He has remained principal ever since. In Season 21, PC Principal got vice principal Strong Woman pregnant, who gave birth to (quintuplets) 5 children known as PC Babies in Season 22. In the Season 19 episode “Sponsored Content”, it is revealed that his real name is Ρeter Charles.

Who is Kenny McCormick’s best friend?

Kenny’s also considered Stan and Kyle as his best friends, even gifting them with (almost) everything in his will. Although his relationship with them isn’t as complex as his relationship with Cartman, he always enjoys their company, and often tries to impress them or make them laugh.

How many times has Kenny McCormick died?

Kenny has died 126 times in the South Park franchise (98 in the series, 12 in the shorts, 14 in the video games, twice in the movie, and once in the season 7-11 intro).

What is strong woman’s real name?

Strong Woman (voiced by Jessica Makinson) is the vice-principal of South Park Elementary.

Why did South Park get rid of Officer Barbrady?

He is fired from the police force for shooting a 6 year old Latino boy. After he is brought back in, he is fired a second time, this time for pulling his gun out on the boys, despite the request from Mayor McDaniels to do so.

Who is the principal in South Park Elementary?

PC Principal is the current principal at South Park Elementary, first introduced in the Season Nineteen premiere episode, “Stunning and Brave”. He is highly dedicated to bringing a more politically correct agenda to South Park Elementary, but often resorts to punishment and violence to achieve his ends.

Who is pc from South Park in real life?

He is also an Alumni member of the PC Delta fraternity and an alumnus of the Texas A&M University. Though he is initially portrayed as an antagonist, particularly towards Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman, and anyone else who is not “PC”, he mellows out significantly in the middle of the season.

Who is Nathan’s best friend in South Park?

Nathan’s only true close friend is Mimsy, who will do whatever Nathan asks… to the best of his limited ability, at least. Nathan nonetheless keeps his companion around – someone has to do the dirty work for him. He has also become a favorite of PC Principal, who believes Nathan’s charade.

Who are the main characters in South Park?

He and Mimsy are both homages to the Looney Tunes cartoon characters Rockys and Mugsy – a poster for the two appears in his bedroom in ” Handicar “. In Nathan’s first two appearances, he is only seen in incidental gear, but his ‘main’ look is first seen in a blink-and-you-miss-it moment in ” Black Friday “.


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