Who sings Morrisons Christmas advert?

Video: Morrisons Christmas advert features Dua Lipa track in a feelgood video | Daily Mail Online. Morrisons Christmas advert for 2020 features little girl singing Dua Lipa song.

What is the Morrisons advert song?

Morrisons has launched its latest Chistmas ad, featuring a track from pop star Dua Lipa. The new ad, which launches this week, is soundtracked by her song ‘Levitating’.

What is Morrisons Christmas song?

This year’s Morrisons Christmas advert music is English singer-songwriter Dua Lipa’s 2020 song ‘Levitating’, which features vocals from American rapper DaBaby. Released back in August, Levitating was the fifth single taken from Dua Lipa’s second studio album ‘Future Nostalgia’.

Who is the girl in the Morrisons advert?

Leanne Best
Leanne Best, who is currently starring on screen in BBC’s Line of Duty and ITV’s Home Fires, lends her Liverpool accent to the 10-second Price Crunch advert unveiled by the retail giant today. The 36-year-old actress from West Derby appeared in Educating Rita at the Playhouse last year in the iconic Scouse title role.

Where is the new Morrisons advert filmed?

Shotley peninsula farm
Shotley peninsula farm featured in Morrison’s advert ahead of England Scotland game | shotleypeninsula.

What is the slogan for Morrisons?

Morrisons Makes It
In 2016, Morrisons released a new logo and slogan ‘Morrisons Makes It’ to try and draw on the brand’s heritage, with the new logo being installed on all store signs as well as new uniforms and new in-store looks.

Who is the little girl in the NatWest Advert 2020?

The girl is played by Tallulah Conabeare, London-based a voice-over artist and actress, who is the voice of Candy Cat in “Peppa Pig” from 2018 on wards.

How old is the little girl in the NatWest Advert 2020?

Six-year-old Scot brings lump to her mum’s throat as she becomes star of Saturday night TV. MARIA Croce tells of her introduction to the make-believe world of TV advertising after her daughter Darcey won two auditions to appear in the new RBS/NatWest ad campaign.

What is Morrisons own brand called?

M Savers
Morrisons launched its own-label brand M Savers in 2011, capitalising on the fact that it sources, processes and manufactures most of the fresh food it sells. This, too, meant it was unaffected by the horsemeat scandal, making its own brand products even more appealing to customers.

Who has bought out Morrisons?

Supermarket giant Morrisons has agreed a blockbuster £6.3billion sale of the business to a consortium of investors backed by the US billionaire Koch family and Japanese mogul Masayoshi Son.

Who is the black actor in the NatWest Advert 2021?

LONDON – M&C Saatchi has released an ad for NatWest, featuring comedian Kevin Bishop.

Who is the little girl in the NatWest advert 2020?

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