Who won Super GT 2020?

Coming out of the final turn, RAYBRIG NSX-GT #100 (Yamamoto) caught and overtook the crippled #37 car, taking the win. A NSX-GT had won back-to-back rounds, and RAYBRIG NSX-GT #100 (Yamamoto / Makino) won the 2020 championship.

What nationality is super GT?

He is of Argentine descent.

How much power do super GT cars have?

Since 2014, GT500 cars have been powered by single-turbocharged, inline four-cylinder engines with two liters of displacement and producing over 650 horsepower. The cars are tube-frame silhouette racing cars similar to those seen in the Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM).

Where does Super GT Live?

Super GT makes its second visit to Suzuka of 2020 this weekend, amid a huge title battle in which six crews are covered by just nine points at the top of the table. The Race’s YouTube channel is the home of live Super GT, with English commentary from Sam Collins and Rob Barff.

Where can I watch Super GT 2021?

For the 2021 season, Motorsport.tv is carrying exclusive live coverage of both qualifying and the race for all eight rounds with English commentary. Premium users will be able to enjoy the action as it unfolds, while full-length replays will be made available immediately following the event.

How many races are in Super GT?

Seven series races and an all-star race held in California, United States. In GT500, the Fairlady Z appears in place of the GT-R. 2005 Series name changed to SUPER GT. Eight series races.

What is the fastest GT series?

The top 10 fastest GT cars on sale today

  • Maserati GranTurismo – 186mph.
  • Porsche 911 Carrera S – 191mph.
  • Mercedes-AMG GT C – 197mph.
  • McLaren GT – 203mph.
  • McLaren 570GT – 204mph.
  • Bentley Continental GT – 207mph.
  • Aston Martin DB11 AMR – 208mph.
  • Ferrari GTC4 Lusso – 208mph.

What are super GT cars?

GT stands for Grand Touring – a high-performance car that is capable of high speed and long-distance driving. SUPER GT is a long-distance competition driven by a couple of drivers per team sharing driving duties. The top class GT500 has undergone a big transformation with new cars and regulations.

Do Super GT cars have ABS?

GT3 cars also have traction control, ABS, and built-in air jacks for quick pit stops.

How long are Super GT races?

Super GT races are run to a two-driver endurance format with race distances ranging from 300km to 1000km. Cars are slotted into two classes, GT500 and GT300, with a fairly complex but effective system of weight and capacity, as well as level of modification, a bit like GT1 on steroids.

Is GT2 faster than GT3?

The GT2 RS can hit a top speed of 211 MPH, compared to the 193 MPH limit of the GT3 RS. This allowed a GT2 RS to complete the legendary Nürburgring lap a full 10 seconds faster than its GT3 RS competitor. The GT3 RS, in contrast, is all about performance.

Is the DTM race the same as Super GT?

A balance of performance formula will be applied to ensure parity between DTM cars and Super GT as Super GT will not adopt Class One regulations until 2020. The auto sport Web Sprint Cup, a non-championship race for GT300 competitors, will also be held at Fuji as a supporting event of the Super GT x DTM Dream Race.

Who are the champions of the Super GT series?

Jenson Button (pictured in 2012) entered the season as defending champions alongside Naoki Yamamoto. The 2019 Super GT Series was a motor racing championship based in Japan for grand touring cars. The series is sanctioned by the Japan Automobile Federation (JAF) and run by the GT Association (GTA).

When does the Super GT season start and end?

It was the thirty-seventh overall season of a national JAF sportscar championship dating back to the All Japan Sports Prototype Championship. The season began on April 14 and ended on November 24, after 8 championship races & 2 non-championship races.

When is the Super GT race in Sugo?

The Autopolis GT 300km Race moved forward in the calendar to September 8, and will be the sixth round of the season. The Sugo round now becomes the penultimate round of the season.

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