Why did Alison Bechdel write Fun Home?

Bechdel states that her motivation for writing Fun Home was to reflect on why things turned out the way they did in her life. She reflects on her father’s untimely death and whether Alison would have made different choices if she were in his position.

What was the underlying message of Alison Bechdel’s story fun home a family tragicomic?

Gender Identity and Coming of Age More specifically, Fun Home is the story of Alison’s coming of age while grappling with her lesbian gender identity and the way that identity differs from the expectations imposed on her by society.

Is Fun Home a true story?

The Tony Award-winning, based-on-a-true story musical “Fun Home” will be staged at Santa Fe Playhouse starting this week. The coming-of-age story follows real-life cartoonist Alison Bechdel as she is writing her real-life graphic memoir, “Fun Home: A Family Tragicomic,” published in 2006.

Where did Alison Bechdel go to college?

Oberlin College1981
Bard College at Simon’s Rock
Alison Bechdel/College

Is fun home kid appropriate?

Good For Ages: 17 and up. I’ll use the MPAA’s (flawed, and somewhat bigoted, but appropriate here) rating age, because although there is no violence, there is definitely nudity and sexual acts present.

How old is Alison Bechdel?

60 years (10 September 1960)
Alison Bechdel/Age

What does the House represent in fun home?

The Bechdel Family Home The design of the Bechdels’ old, Gothic Revival house that Bruce is obsessed with restoring and furnishing itself becomes a symbol for the artificial way that Bruce constructs his life.

What was Alison Bechdel’s father secret?

The story in the book and the musical is about Alison growing up and, after she came out at the age of 19, finding out that her father, who was still married to her mother, was actually gay himself and her mother knew that, but the marriage stayed together.

Is Fun Home inappropriate?

Fun Home provides excellent material for the students to talk about themes of identity, family, home and growing up. Smith said he believes that the memoir is inappropriate for students because it “graphically shows lesbian acts” and is “promoting the gay and lesbian lifestyle.”

Does Harry Potter pass the Bechdel Test?

The film Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 just barely passes the Bechdel test in two different scenes. These two scenes, though short, help the movie pass because neither scene has a focus on men as the primary scene characters or a conversation between women about men.

What age is fun home for?

Good For Ages: 17 and up.

What is the reverse bechdel test?

Obviously, the Reverse Bechdel is a test to determine if a film has two male characters who have a conversation about something other than a woman. Obviously again, vast numbers of movies pass it, even vast numbers of films that pass the Bechdel.

Who was Alison Bechdel’s father in Fun Home?

The memoir focuses on Bechdel’s family, and is centered on her relationship with her father, Bruce. Bruce was a funeral director and high school English teacher in Beech Creek, where Alison and her siblings grew up.

Why did Bruce Bechdel write the book Fun Home?

In the beginning of the book, the memoir exhibits Bruce Bechdel’s obsession with restoring the family’s Victorian home. His obsessive need to restore the house is connected to his emotional distance from his family, which he expressed in coldness and occasional bouts of abusive rage.

How many pages in Fun Home by Alison Bechdel?

In 232 pages this memoir sent me to the dictionary five separate times (to look up “bargeboard,” “buss,” “scutwork,” “humectant” and “perseverated”). A comic book for lovers of words! Bechdel’s rich language and precise images combine to create a lush piece of work — a memoir where concision and detail are melded for maximum, obsessive density.

What happens to Alison in the book Fun Home?

Although the evidence is equivocal, Alison concludes that her father committed suicide. The story also deals with Alison’s own struggle with her sexual identity, reaching a catharsis in the realization that she is a lesbian and her coming out to her parents.

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