Why is Aragorn called elessar?

Why is Aragorn called elessar?

Upon Sauron’s defeat, Aragorn was crowned as King Elessar, a name given to him by Galadriel and adopted by the people of Gondor because of the Elfstone he wore.

What does elessar mean in elvish?

Elessar is a Quenya word meaning “elf-stone”. It referred to the magical Elfstone, and later to “King Elessar”, the royal name of Aragorn II.

What is Aragorns elvish name?

Aside from the main three, Aragorn adopts some other names during his lifetime. When establishing his own royal house, the king chooses the name Telcontar, which is merely “Strider” translated into an elvish tongue.

Is Arwen in the LOTR books?

The Lord of the Rings1954
The Lord of The Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring1954Unfinished Tales of Numenor and Middle-earth1980The Two Towers1954The Return of the King1955

Who is Aragorn’s wife?


Arwen is one of the half-elven who lived during the Third Age; her father was Elrond half-elven, lord of the Elvish sanctuary of Rivendell, while her mother was the Elf Celebrian, daughter of the Elf-queen Galadriel, ruler of Lothlórien. She marries the Man Aragorn, who becomes King of Arnor and Gondor.

Do Faramir and Eowyn get married?

After the demise of Sauron, Éowyn and Faramir marry and settle in Ithilien, of which Faramir is made the ruling Prince by Aragorn. Faramir and Éowyn have a son, Elboron.

Why do elves call Gandalf mithrandir?

Mithrandir is a Sindarin phrase meaning Grey Pilgrim or Wanderer (ref: Tolkien Gateway). Sindarin is the everyday language of Elves and therefore the name that Galadriel uses for him.

Who married Legolas?

After the destruction of the One Ring, Legolas remained in Minas Tirith for Aragorn’s coronation and marriage to Arwen. Later, Legolas and Gimli travelled together through Fangorn forest and to the Glittering Caves of Aglarond, as Legolas had promised Gimli.

Why did Arwen lose her immortality?

The logic is that Arwen chose to be mortal but she was not tied to Aragorn yet cos of the War. So since she had nothing to keep her alive, she was dying. It was maybe the only thing that would’ve spurred Aragorn to claim his birthright and take the Dimholt road.

Who did Eowyn marry?

Éowyn was a shieldmaiden of Rohan, daughter of Éomund and Theodwyn, younger sister of Éomer and niece of King Théoden. After the War of the Ring, she married Faramir and had one son with him, Elboron.

Are Gandalf and Galadriel in love?

Gandalf and Galadriel never get together in the books. While the relationship between Gandalf and Galadriel is expanded in the books (as are most things), the one thing the books and films have in common is that that relationship is always 100 percent platonic.

Is Galadriel more powerful than Gandalf?

Gandalf the White, or in his true form, is much stronger than wise elf Galadriel in the Lord of the Rings.


Who is the son of the Eldar in Tolkien?

Eldarion ( Quenya: IPA; “Son of the Eldar”) was the only son of Aragorn II Elessar and Arwen Undómiel, King and Queen of the Reunited Kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor in Middle-earth . Eldarion was born on an unspecified date, and is recorded to have several sisters. He ascended to the throne upon the death of his father in FO 120.

Where does the name Elessar come from in Tolkien?

The name actually translates as “star-stone” ( elen + sar) but for Men the word for “star” usually refers to the Elves.

Who was the son of Aragorn II Elessar?

Eldarion (Quenya: IPA; “Son of the Eldar”) was the only son of Aragorn II Elessar and Arwen Undómiel, King and Queen of the Reunited Kingdoms of Gondor and Arnor in Middle-earth.

Where does the name Eldarion come from in Tolkien?

Eldarion is Quenya for “Son of the Eldar”, from elda (“high-elf) and -ion (a patronymic ending, “son of, descendant”). Behind the scenes. J.R.R. Tolkien had vague plans for a sequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy called The New Shadow, a story set sometime during King Eldarion’s reign. However, he abandoned it after about 13 pages.

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