The notorious Covid pandemic has imposed countless limitations on society. And entertainment seems to be one of those spheres that suffered the most. Luckily, as more and more countries are loosening pandemic-linked restrictions, more opportunities begin to open for hospitable hosts and avid partygoers. Needless to say, there are a lot of things to keep track of when planning to host a house party. So, preparing the essentials is key to successful organization of your social gathering. And while food and drinks are important, there are some party necessities that definitely go beyond that. So, if you want to impress your guests not only with exquisite hors d’oeuvres, but also fun activities and well-thought-out organization, go check out the top five essentials no cool party can do without.

Party Invitations

You can’t go wrong with the good old party invitations if you want to spark delightful anticipation in your invitees. If you want to surprise and entice your guests, you may want to forgo traditional boring invitation cards that merely provide the details about the upcoming party. You can go for edible invitation cards or craft some truly mad card by printing your invitations of leather, and even cans! There are also tons of great design tools that can help you put together an effective invitation and share your digital masterpiece via Facebook or any other social media platform. And now you may want to go to and explore all available options!

Music Speakers

What party is complete without music? Whether you’re planning to have a heavy rock or mellow jazz, you need a speaker to blast out your tunes. And it certainly helps to get a smart speaker, which can be easily moved around and synced to a wide range of devices. Most modern speakers offer great sound quality and feature incredibly long battery life. Up to 11 hours! This will definitely suffice for your party (unless you’re planning a truly wild event that will take days.) Anyway, you can easily charge your battery if the need arises.

Strobe Lights

OK, so you’ve got the music taken care of, but a party’s never quite complete without some cool lighting. While soft led lighting draped over furniture can be effective, for a livelier atmosphere, a disco or laser light setup is best! Lots of contemporary models of stroboscopes can adapt its RGB or LED lighting to the beat of your preferred music and produce almost any color. What’s also great is that you can switch to different lights and tweak other settings via remote control. You can either mount your light machine either on the ceiling or sit it on top of a table.

Disposable Cups

Yep, cups! It might seem like an obvious choice but having disposable cups at a party is huge. Not just for making sure each guest can be served but also for easy cleanup for you. Plastic cups also eliminate the risk of glasses being smashed accidentally and allow you to have more drinks in circulation without having to rage your limited kitchenware.

Smart Plates

Another aspect of parties that can be difficult to navigate is snacks, should you have a dedicated snake table or spread some bowls out around the room. Lots of plates that you can find in dedicated party shops have a clever design that has space for both food and even cups. Such plates allow your guest to take charge of their own munching and feel comfortable. Sure, you can just go for traditional paper plates but plastic options will allow more convenience and hands-free flexibility. They’re particularly useful if you’re planning to serve real food too instead of just snacks, like, say, hot dogs or burgers.


These are just five picks of the things that might come in particularly handy at your house party. Note that there are a lot more great products you might want to consider when planning. Among some of them are electric wine opener, karaoke wireless microphone, glass pitcher, games, board games, pong cards, foosball, and others that can be a great icebreaker at parties!

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