Anti-aging Hacks for the Busy Woman

If you are a career woman or a supermum, time is precious; there aren’t enough hours in the day and when you add to that trying to look good, something’s got to give. We know how you feel and after talking to a few skincare experts, we thought you’d like to know what they have to say about skincare in general.

  • Go Vegan – The jury delivered their verdict and abstaining from meat is most definitely the way to go. You’ll probably miss those steak BBQs and that smell of bacon cooking, but the rewards are seen in your health. The Internet hosts a wealth of info on the vegan lifestyle and why it is a healthy way to live.
  • Use the Right Skin Creams – There are so many skincare products; creams, lotions, potions and anti-aging serum, to name but a few. While some women insist on only using products that are 100% made from natural ingredients, others refer to a dermatologist, who can prescribe a skin cream treatment that is customised. Always look at the ingredient list on any skincare product prior to using and anything you are not sure about, Google is your best friend.
  • Work Out – You simply must find at least one hour a day to work out; strenuous exercise is something the body needs, we are designed for action; the fitter you are, the better your health and you can make working out fun. If you don’t have the time for the gym, a home working out session is fine; order a pair of small dumbbells and a mat and you’re good to go. YouTube hosts trillions of keep-fit videos and whatever you choose, make sure you push yourself when it starts to burn.
  • Grab Some Me-Time – Even if it’s only 20 minutes, time when you can relax and enjoy some classical music or read a romance novel; whatever it is that does it for you, and this will help keep your sanity during the hectic times. At the end of a long day, light a scented candle, sit back and relax, eat your favourite snack, play that game of your phone and recharge your batteries for a short while. Click here for some healthy pick-me-ups after a long day.
  • Sleep – It’s critical that you get enough sleep, so arrange your bedroom in way that is conducive to sleep. Soft, pastel colours, low lighting and the right temperature are all aspects to promote relaxation; some physicians firmly believe you should never go to sleep with a troubled mind, as this impacts sleep. We are all unique beings and some need more sleep than others; find your optimum sleep pattern and should you have a health issue, lack of REM sleep could be a cause.

Here is some health performance data from the Australian government that shows people are generally healthier than ever and with so much information online regarding health and well-being, you can find tips to help you stay on top of your game.

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