Best Pinterest Marketing Practices of 2019

If you are not familiar with Pinterest, then you should know it is just an elaborate visual bookmarking tool that allows its users to save images from the web in themed collections. These collections are called pinboards, but Pinterest is more than a visual bookmarking tool. You can classify it as a visual search engine.

Pinterest is an engaging social media platform for businesses to advertise, integrate, interact, and generate high traffic that is purchase intent. To use Pinterest effectively as a marketing tool, you should not assume it’s a matter of pinning up pretty pictures on your board. On the contrary, some algorithms determine what users see. You should look for what your audience is responding to. You will need the following selection criteria.

1.     Use aspirational and compelling photos

The truth about Pinterest is that real-life images do not necessarily do well compared to professional photos. Users are more than likely to click on an image that reflects how life ought to be and not what it is. You can achieve this in the following ways:

  • Always use a professional photo for all your products.
  •  Include a budget for styling your photos. Consider professional prop assistance or an interior decorator.
  • Sometimes, including a human element sells the image better.

2.     Consider adding text to your pins

Pinterest never shows your image on its own on the home feed or in the pool of search results. In Pinterest marketing, you must make your image an eye-catching one because it only has a fraction of a second to entice and make someone click on it to see your website. It is difficult for an image to be eye-catching on its own and adding text to your picture may just inspire the needed response.

3.     Make your pins to be visually similar

This does not mean that all your pins should be similar. Instead, it is in reference to having a distinct formatting style for all your pins. You should create markers that make users be able to tell your pins from other similar pins. You can try having a predetermined color, uniform on all your images border edges and apply the same font type on all pins.

This encourages brand recognition from your audience, and people who already associate with your brand may click through to know more.

4.     Use hashtags on your pin descriptions

Hashtags were just popular on Twitter and Facebook, but it is now common for Pinterest users also. Hashtags make your pin be seen by your followers, your followers’ followers and this could cause your pin go viral. Hashtags will make your pin be seen in different category feeds and search results by people who follow you and also those who do not.

5.     Include detailed keywords in all your pins

Since Pinterest is somewhat a visual search engine, pin descriptions rich in keywords will get your audience’s attention because just like Google SEO, Pinterest SEO will make your pins rank high from related user searches.

Always consider these practices if you want to take your business to the next level.

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